Independence Day? The Clempners come out fighting

News / Wed 24th Jan 2018 at 11:41am

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THE FORMER leader of Harlow Council does not appear to be going quietly, as he launched a bitter attack to counter allegations that he stepped down as leader of Harlow Council due to ill health.

Jon Clempner stood down as leader of Harlow Council and as a councillor for Little Parndon and Hare Street.

YH did ask him for a statement but he (in no uncertain terms) declined.

But on Tuesday night, he went onto Twitter in order to quosh rumours regarding his mental state.

Mr Clempner said: “No secret I have not been in a happy place, following a campaign against my leadership. But for some members of the party, including from those most to gain from my departure, to brief that I ‘resigned’ due to my mental health is outrageous”.

Those who followed Mr Clempner’s social media would have seen, what appeared to be a growing irritation at the far left of the party. It may have been a co-incidence but Momentum Harlow’s decision to advertise a meeting at the same time as a council meeting may well have poured oil on troubled political waters.

His comments were backed up by his wife, councillor Karen Clempner who also went onto Twitter.

Cllr Clempner said: “Just to put the story straight @JonClempner did not resign due to mental health issues as some people are briefing.

YH had also contacted cllr Karen Clempner to ask if she would be carrying on as a councillor but she did not reply.

The Clempners have recieved support from Bush Fair councillor, Ian Beckett.

The outspoken councillor, who is a prodigious tweeter said: “Let me make this clear for anyone who finds ‘abstract communications’ challenging – if you think “moving on” is achieved by spreading lies you’re very, very much mistaken!”

We asked him to whom was he directing his comments at? He would not be drawn.

Mr Clempner threw another spanner in the works when his final tweet of the evening announced” “I know that Harlow does not have a track record of independent political candidates, but depending on who the Labour Party puts up, might be tempted to run as an independent Harlow candidate. Better an independent than an egotist”.

That could be a major blow to Labour’s hopes of retaining the seat. Mr Clempner is a prodigious campaigner and although he may not win, he could cause a huge split in the vote.

The whole situation is a distraction at best and a major problem for the ruling Labour group that run Harlow Council.

There is a major cabinet meeting at the Water Gardens on Thursday night. The 600-page agenda has a number of major issues on the table including the budget for the next year as well the Local Plan that maps out the plans for Harlow for a generation to come.

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2018-01-24 23:35:02

Sitting down with the popcorn to watch the drama....

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