Brass spectacular for John Gillespie’s 70th

Entertainment / Wed 31st Jan 2018 at 09:37am

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FRIENDS and family of John Gillespie gathered at the Harlow Playhouse on Saturday night to celebrate his 70th birthday with a spectacular brass band concert.

While the audience was made up of non-playing friends and family, John was joined on stage by members of Harlow Brass, Harlow Concert Band, Epping Forest Band, Bishops Stortford Band, High Wych School Orchestra, Netteswell Brass, The Salvation Army Fellowship Band as well as his brother, four children and one of his grandsons.

Many other players came out of retirement to join in making the total number of players just over 50! The programme was complied of John’s favourite pieces from his 60 years of brass banding.

The march Bramwin opened the concert and the final encore was a rousing rendition of Kalinka. Other highlights were The Bold Gendarmes, which was a duet for John and his brother Malcolm that they first played together over 50 years ago, Softly Sounds the Little Bell, featuring Harlow Brass conductor Joe Palmer on the bell and Happy Birthday which was expertly conducted by his 8 year old grandson Thomas.

John had a similar concert for his 60th birthday. He is very thankful for everyone coming to his 70th and expressed a wish that everyone would also make it to his 80th!!

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