Harlow Conservatives propose more council houses built by council company

News / Thu 1st Feb 2018 at 08:19am

Council Housing

Conservative propose more council houses built by council company

THE Conservative Group on Harlow Council will propose to build more council houses by using a new company in its Local Authority Trading Company, HTS Group Ltd.

It will be proposed at Thursday’s (1st February) Council meeting to set the Council Tax and rents for the coming year.

Shadow Housing Portfolio Holder, Cllr Simon Carter said, “As well as more housing, using the Council’s own company brings a range of other benefits:

Profits from the construction will remain within the Council.
It saves the cost and delay, and risk, of a competitive tender.
Local people will be recruited, as far as possible;
Materials will be sourced within Harlow, all of which supports the local economy – the Harlow £;
A new housing company could go on to build more houses in Harlow for sale, part buy or rent.
Although owned by the council the new houses will not be subject to ‘Right to Buy’.
“This proposal ticks so many boxes people will ask Labour why they didn’t support it.”

Group leader Cllr Andrew Johnson continued: “It may seem odd to some that a Conservative group is proposing to build council housing, but it is such an all-round good deal for Harlow it was too good to ignore.

“Yes, we did oppose the LATC when it was first introduced, because Labour had no coherent strategy for it, but now that it exists we might as well secure all the possible benefits.

“Quite frankly, we are surprised Labour did not come up with the idea as they always talk about supporting council house building. Thank goodness the Conservative Group is able to think outside the box.”

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