Harlow Conservatives anger at new leader Emma Toal’s “confidentiality breach” comment

News / Mon 5th Feb 2018 at 06:18pm

THE new chief executive of Harlow Council had to intervene and counsel the new leader of Harlow Council after comments she made towards Conservative councillors.

Cllr Emma Toal expressed her suprise at elements of the proposals by the Harlow Conservatives regarding new council housing in Harlow.

Cllr Toal: “I really hope that no breaches of confidentialty have been made”.

This did not go down well with the Conservative front bench who demanded that she retract the comments.

The new chief executive, Brian Keane used his experience as the monitoring officer to suggest that cllr Toal “moves on”.

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2 Comments for Harlow Conservatives anger at new leader Emma Toal’s “confidentiality breach” comment:

2018-02-06 08:38:36

What a shambles the REDS have become. TOAL, not fit for purpose. Only been in the job for a week. VOTE LABOUR at your PERIL. Toal has seemed to have adopted the "who shouts loudest wins" format. Disgraceful behaviour.

2018-02-06 16:00:22

I was at council on Thursday and I was shocked when I heard some of the Labour administrating party councillors telling some of the opposition party councillors to stop interrupting when the new leader of the council was speaking. I 100 percent agree with order and respect, when others are speaking no matter what meeting your attending but to be honest, the main culprits for interrupting other councillors in the council chamber are the Labour administrating party councillors. I would like to say well done to the chair of Harlow Council for keeping order.

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