Harlow Council set record straight over homeless man near Commonside Road.

News / Sat 10th Feb 2018 at 05:46pm

ON FRIDAY afternoon, a story started circulating on social media regarding a man who has allegedgly been left homeless

According to a petition on change.org, John Jones was living in a caravan on a patch of ground near Commonside Road in Harlow.

But it appears that the caravan has been removed, leaving Mr Jones, wihtout a roof on his head.

Over the last twenty four hours, the petiton gained just under 3,500 signatures.

With such anger being directed at Harlow Council, it is hardly surprising that they have issued a statement in order to put the recrod straight.

A spokesperson for Harlow Council said: “We are aware of local people’s concerns about the welfare of a man who has been living in a caravan on land in Harlow. These concerns are being shared on social media and through an online petition.

We have not removed or had any involvement in the removal of his caravan. The land is owned by Essex County Council. We are making enquiries with them about what has happened to the caravan and if any support is being provided to the gentleman.

We work with local organisations to connect anyone who is homeless with local services and help. This includes us providing housing support and advice to those who need and want help.

If you are concerned about anyone who is homeless or sleeping rough in the town you can help connect them with local services via www.streetlink.org.uk

YH plans to go to the site on Sunday morning.John Jones

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3 Comments for Harlow Council set record straight over homeless man near Commonside Road.:

2018-02-10 22:52:08

I am involved in this situation too now. The people of Harlow are ukip Harlows number one priority.

2018-02-13 18:34:30

Its disgraceful what the council has done to this man saying you offered this man a pitch on another site maybe this man don't want to be on a site .what harm was he doing to anyone . the council is meant to help people not make them homeless the the council system don't want to help no one We hear on the news everyday how people should help the elderly in bad weather conditions but obvisouly not as they have made this old man and his 2 dogs homeless Take his caravan away and put it on Maldon site in Essex what harm was he doing to anyone no harm at all . shame on you Harlow council and Essex county council .

2018-02-13 18:36:32

The public is doing more than the council .

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