Essex Council vote to increase its part of council tax by just under 5%

News / Wed 14th Feb 2018 at 08:29am

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ESSEX County Council has approved this year’s budget, which sees its element of council tax bills rise by 4.99% reports the BBC.

The average Band D household will pay £1,222.77 per year from from April, an increase of £58.

The Conservative-run authority said it would invest £300m in infrastructure, including roads, schools and broadband.

Three Harlow representatives on Essex County Council voted for the increase. They are:
Harlow South East: Eddie Johnson (Cons)
Harlow West: Mike Hardware and Clive Souter (Cons)

Harlow North: Mike Garnett (Absent)

Labour and Liberal Democrat councillors voted against the budget over concerns there is not enough money for adult social care and children’s services.

David Finch, council leader, called the tax rise a “difficult decision” but said it had been frozen on five of the past eight years.

At the council’s budget meeting he said: “We need to ensure effective services not just for today, but for the future.
“Therefore, this budget proposes an ambitious investment of more than £300m into Essex’s infrastructure.”

That includes plans to invest £14m in broadband, £126m into major road schemes with an additional £3m set aside for potholes and footpath repairs.

The council also promised to invest about £100m in schools to create an additional 2,750 places.

The council’s total budget for 2018-19 is £1,824m, compared to £1,773m the previous year.

It says it has cut £350m in the past four years and plans to save £59m in the next financial year by improving efficiency.

The main opposition groups proposed amendments to the budget, which were voted down.

The Liberal Democrats called for a £2.5m fund to be created to reduce pressures in social care services and speed up the discharge of patients from hospital.

The party said more money should be spent on youth services including mentoring and respite for young carers.

Labour called for reviews of children’s and adult services to assess the impact of budget cuts in recent years.

The four Harlow councillors for Essex County Council are: cllr Mike Garnett (absent), cllr Clive Souter, cllr Mike Hardware and cllr Eddie Johnson.

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4 Comments for Essex Council vote to increase its part of council tax by just under 5%:

2018-02-14 12:08:25

The government starves councils of money so where do they get their money from? US! Disgrace. The government is piling more and more pressure onto average families and washing its hands of any commitment to the society. Austerity is a choice!! We dont have to have it!! What we need is a government that puts people and vital services first! not shareholders, not business and not tax dodging millionaires. While your paying more for less- have a look a the Panama Papers or the Paradise Papers and see who the real scroungers in this country are!!

2018-02-15 06:45:26

They can't just keep raising taxes people won't put up with it.

2018-02-15 08:53:10

Let's see if the conservatives Essex county council administrating party stick to their guns on what they have pledged when it comes to the 4.99% council tax rise such as improving the state of the Roads in Harlow and the schools in Harlow. The residents of Harlow, including myself and my wife are getting fed with the the Labour administration party of Harlow and the conservatives administration of Essex county council increasing the council Tax alternatively every year to supposedly improve our service in Harlow but the residents Harlow never seem to see a improvement in the services that we pay for. Lets just all wait and see, Yea? The amount of times the residents of Harlow have had to put up with a council Tax increase, over the last four years, forget about the Roads and pavements being up to standard and our schools and homes being improved, the properties in Harlow should have gold roof tiles on them due to the amount of council tax the Harlow residents have had to pay towards, over the last four years. ,thanks to the two main parties.

2018-02-15 14:35:06

Due to the increase in Council tax again, it makes a change that this time it hasn't come from the Labour Administrating party of Harlow. Households are being squeezed to the point where they have to prioritise which bills they pay first. The council tax is unfair and unjust. The roads are being maintained but with the cheapest materials even though the residents of Harlow are paying a top rate of for a amateur service. We pay £57.000000 a day to the EU, which 17.4 million voted to leave. That amount of money would be more useful here in the UK to pay for the likes of these services and at least there will be no need to increase the Council Tax.

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