Bush Fair’s Labour councillors clean up Nicholls Field

News / Sat 17th Feb 2018 at 06:18pm

ON Friday afternoon, the YH editor was walking his dog on Nicholls Field (just near the ClockTower) when he noticed how dirty the gullies were.

We tweeted out a photo.

Next day, cllr Ian Beckett and the Bush Fair Labour team, were down in the trenches, picking up bags of litter.

You may think this is the council’s job and you may be right. But, you know, some people are just…nice.


Pond 2

Pond 1

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3 Comments for Bush Fair’s Labour councillors clean up Nicholls Field:

2018-02-17 20:32:07

I do this every month here in Longfield.

2018-02-17 21:18:17

Would there be an election coming up by any chance. I see the UKIP Cllr Dan Long out every month in Longfield. Cleaning up. Where is Ms E Harvey the Labour candidate for Bush Fair? It's nice to see Cllr Beckett come out of hibernation now it's getting close to the local elections. Vote catching? At least he is handling rubbish for a change and not posing outside the butchers in Bush Fair holding up sausages, whilst Cllr Long is working alongside the Harlow safe community team cutting back on anti social behaviour. Don't bother knocking on my door Ms Harvey as you don't live around here and you don't bother with the people of Bush Fair. It infuriates me that Cllr Beckett is trying to steal the limelight. You can ask anyone in this ward which Cllr is more visible in this ward? it certainly is not Cllr Beckett or Ms Harvey, she doesn't want to get her shoes dirty. How can she even know what the people of this ward want or need, whereas Cllr Long does. I second the statement above.

2018-02-19 15:47:09

imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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