Little Parndon By-Election: Harlow UKIP take Labour candidate to task

News / Wed 28th Feb 2018 at 03:16pm

BELOW is a press release from Harlow UKIP.

A statement from their press spokesperson.

“LAST week, whilst out campaigning with our excellent local candidate, Patsy Long, UKIP found a poor quality card to Little Parndon residents from the Labour Candidate.

Now we know that Chris Vince is from Chelmsford, but surely his local members could have helped him to put stuff on his leaflet which is local, factual, and actually the responsibility of a District Council.

Furthermore, it makes no mention of the fact that this By-Election has been brought on the people of Little Parndon & Hare Street because of Labour in-fighting, and the resignation from both the Council and the Labour Party of Council Leader Jon Clempner.

For some reason, the Labour Candidate wants to talk about the NHS, which is not the responsibility of Harlow Council – but he clearly wants to play on the Princess Alexandra Hospital being in the Little Parndon & Hare Street Ward. He offers no solutions however, and forgets to mention that the NHS is in this state mainly because of ridiculous PFI agreements – mostly signed under a Labour Government. Something he should know about as Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford is suffering badly because of a PFI agreement. He does not declare his support for a New Hospital in Harlow either.

At the last General Election UKIP pledged to invest an extra £11 billion every year into the NHS and Social Care by the end of the next Parliament, raising caps on Medical School and Nurse Training places, and increasing funding for Mental Health and Dementia Care. This was higher than any other Party, and will help deliver the extra 10,000 GPs, 24,000 nurses and 3,500 midwives the NHS needs. We will scrap Hospital Parking charges.

The Labour Candidate also talked about tax cuts. Whilst UKIP acknowledge the rare miracle of a Labour Council Tax freeze, they have nothing to say about what they would do. UKIP would raise the threshold for paying income tax to £13,500, cut taxes for middle earners, abolish the TV licence and cut VAT on household energy bills – reducing the burden on hard working families and eventually saving £317 a year.

Despite the abject failure of the 1997-2010 Labour Government to build a single Council House in the entire Country, the Labour Candidate wants praise for starting to build them here in Harlow, whilst failing to mention it was only possible due to the current Government changing the rules. That does very little to tackle the problem and UKIP have received praise from the Royal Institute of Charted Surveyors for our policy. That being to provide up to 100,000 new homes for younger people every year by making Locally Manufactured Factory-Built Modular Homes available. A typical two bedroom home would cost about £100,000 – making them easily affordable to those on the National Average wage of £26,000.

Mr. Vince also tries to claim credit for the Enterprise Zone and the arrival in Harlow of Public Health England – which are again more due to our MP and the current Government than anything to do with Harlow Council.

Furthermore, we in UKIP are not sure that the HTS Group can be considered a success. Getting rid of Kier due to their Socialist dogma, and loathing of external enterprise does not appear to be that much of a success judging by the state of the town. The failure to mention the setting up costs, the TUPE transfer of staff, the rebranding of vehicles and the new highly paid officer to run it they wanted – means the jury is out at best.

Of course, there is no mention either of Labour’s utter betrayal of the 52% of people who voted for Brexit Nationally, or the 68.1% who voted for it in Harlow by Jeremy Corbyn’s pledge to remain in the Customs Union – meaning under Labour we would have a Brexit in little more than name.

So on March 8th the people of Little Parndon have a clear choice – a local UKIP Candidate with real solutions, or a Labour Candidate from Chelmsford who knows little about our Town.

“So show your support for Patsy, and let her be the true local voice Little Parndon needs”.


The other candidates are

Chris Vince (Labour)
John Steer (Conservative)

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18 Comments for Little Parndon By-Election: Harlow UKIP take Labour candidate to task:

2018-02-28 16:01:01

Concise article spelling out exactly what's wrong with the REDS, in 'arlow. On this basis I would think that a vote for Mr Vince would be a disaster for the local populace. VOTE LABOUR at your PERIL.

2018-02-28 16:32:28

Chris Vince is from Rivermill!! The national funding of the is directly affecting PAH, its an issue that needs to be fought from every angle because its hugely important. The Tories have sold out Britains healthcare on this. As for the PFI's awarded under Labour- there was a belief in Tony Blairs New Labour that private companies could be the cure- a legacy from Thatchers NeoLiberal economic shift- That has been shown not to be the case. Its important to know though that part of the reason that people are so excited about todays Labour party is that it is moving away from PFIs and looking at what new ways we can transform our society and transform Harlow. As for betraying the Referendum election, its important to note that it was only 25% of the country's entire population that voted to Leave (52% only of those who actually voted) and 53% percent of Harlow's entire population so its absurd to suggest that to not just go blindly along with something that has such huge implications for Britain is something to be criticized for!!

2018-02-28 17:16:10

Chris Vince only appeared in Rivermill in 2017. Before that he was in Townsend, Chelmsford from 2014 and before that in Maldon at his family home. so no he is from Maldon and Chelmsford and not Rivermill originally. At least the other candidates have history in Harlow, to be a true Harlowite needs more than a Harlow Town Scarf ...

2018-02-28 17:29:25

Right on all points. This town deserves so much more than what Labour have to offer.

tony edwards
2018-02-28 17:50:02

Harlow Council's Labour Budget 2018 includes 1. No increase in Harlow Council Tax 2. No cuts to any services 3. £1,000,000 fund for neighbourhood improvements 4. Long Term Funding for Playhouse and Pets Corner 5. Funding for 3 additional Community Safety Officers 6. Reducing the cost of Senior Management 7. No increase in Councillor Allowances 8 Building flats in Sumners Farm 9. Funding for an annual street carnival 10. Average Council rents to go down from £91.73 to £90.79 Ten Good Reasons to Vote Labour

2018-02-28 18:27:28

Nearly right Tony. £1M annual surplus results from Conservative govt's New Homes Bonus. Funding for Playhouse and Pets Corner is only for this year, you have to find the money again next year. Reduction of costs of senior management has proved a disaster so far. Reduction in rents is government policy opposed by your colleagues because of impact on investment. Oh,and no word about why we having a by-election in the first place- in-fighting amongst your colleagues forcing out their leader.

2018-02-28 18:47:21

What Labour's Mr Edwards failed to mention was Labours plans to build on at least 4 hatches and a number of recreation fields across the town. Their U-Turn on building at Latton Priory and West Sumners both sites that will not provide one property to Harlow residents on the waiting list. and no financial benefit to Harlow either is a real indication of how much they actually care about Harlow and its residents...

2018-02-28 19:28:31

When it comes to the Labour candidate, Chris vince. All he ever goes on about in his interview speech is, as a teacher. Well my opinion is, if you are a full qualified Teacher, You are supposed to be nurture, when it comes to politics so no full qualified Teacher should Be in local politics.

Jake Shepherd
2018-03-01 02:05:46

The irony is that with the Tory's attempt at helping first time buyers, by scrapping stamp duty (on homes we can't afford), means that young people like me who were born and grew up in Harlow won't be able to afford to live in our home town... Why are you arguing about where Chris Vince was born? Get a grip. He is a committed local candidate who lives in Harlow and cares about its residents. The aspirations and prospects of people in LP+HS are safer with Chris Vince and a Labour Harlow Council, which has done more for young people looking for a home than this Government has in the last 7 years. Where was the local Conservatives when they closed down Occasio House and made countless young people homeless? When I campaigned against its closure, it wasn't party political... I would have genuinely welcomed support from you Cllr Simon Carter or any other local politician (of any party) who wanted to stop young people being kicked out on the streets! Yet it's not surprising that only the Labour group did as much as they could to support local meetings and support residents etc. Sadly that wasn't enough and it still deeply troubles me that the people I met from Occasio House lost their homes... It's unforgivable what Essex CC and Thames Housing did.

2018-03-01 10:59:52

Oh dear Jake you've been taken in by Labours lies too....don't know if you noticed or chose not too but your precious labour leader and his cronies in Westminster voted against scrapping stamp duty, which would have kept the pressure even higher on the finances of first time buyers. Mr Vince has only lived in Harlow for the last six months, was committed to the residents of Great Parndon until he and his moanmentum chums pushed Jon Clempner out then he became committed to Little Parndon residents while stating on his chelmsford radio page that he is a chelmsford lad and loves his city. With all his different personalities loving and living all across essex the only committing should be to treat him for this multiple personality he sadly appears to have!

2018-03-01 14:10:24

I would give seven reasons for not voting Labour and indeed some of them can be used if one was to draw up a list for not voting for the conservatives either; 1 Agreeing with Epping Forest District Council's plan to allow thousands of homes to be built on Harlow's boundary without any consultation with Harlow residents. 2 Failure to produce Harlow Council's plan for future house building in the town and the lack of consultation with residents. 3 Agreeing plans for the redevelopment of the town centre which will clearly have a detrimental effect on the rest of the town centre. 4 Allowing the YMCA building to stand empty for some 17 years at a time that rough sleeping and homelessness is on the increase. 5 The same goes for Occasio House, how long will this remain empty? 6 The lack of repair and decoration to Harlow Council's housing stock. 7 Failure to produce a long term plan for the future of Pets Corner and the Playhouse.

Jake Shepherd
2018-03-01 18:17:53

Just coming back to ReverseFerret's point, I appreciate we might not agree on which party to vote for, but I will just come back to what you said because it isn't wholly accurate and misleading. You're absolutely right, Labour did vote against the Government's changes to stamp duty in the Finance (No.2) Bill (https://hansard.parliament.uk/Commons/2018-02-21/division/5DA3D31E-EE98-45B2-B314-098CB8622EF8/Finance(No2)Bill?outputType=Names). That's because the Finance (No.2) Bill contains a raft of changes to tax rates, including a reduction in the Bank Levy... Labour supports scrapping stamp duty for first-time buyers, just not when the Gov. tags it on to tax cuts for the few, whilst thrusting austerity on the many. Perhaps I could put it back to you then, that it was Labour's Karen Buck MP who introduced a Bill making it law for Homes to be fit for Human Habitation... whilst I am glad that the Gov. supported this bill so it passed, it was the Tories who rejected it in 2016...

Jake Shepherd
2018-03-01 18:32:32

Just replying to tenpin as well then, if I may: 1) About your first point, The Localism Act. 2011 places a duty to cooperate on local authorities like Epping Forest District Council and Harlow Council...If a local planning authority cannot demonstrate that it has complied with the duty then the Local Plan will not be able to proceed further. (https://www.gov.uk/guidance/duty-to-cooperate) This clause is completely draconian and really boxes in the council... I won't respond to all the points you raise, many of the frustrations behind which we definitely share. I am not saying either that everything is perfect and your concern aren't valid, just that the government is suffocating local governance (and I thought it was Conservative philosophy to have a smaller state and decentralised governance). But do come to public council meetings and raise your concerns through public questions/petitions, its good for democracy and its part of holding our Cllrs (of all parties) to account. All the best :)

2018-03-01 20:55:44

Just replying to Jake Shepherd: I would remind you that the Labour group stated that it would object to EFDC's proposals to build on Harlow's South and South west borders and then changed it's mind and signed an agreement with that Council without any consultation. The prelude to a Local Plan requires a Council to provide a Statement of Community Involvement, setting out how they will engage local communities and other interested parties and to put it on their website. EFDC may have done this but in reality, how many, if any Harlow residents have been made aware of proposals to build homes, over the Harlow border but within yards of their own home? The two councils have been working together as required, but both have failed to carry out any meaningful consultations with residents.

Jake Shepherd
2018-03-02 12:35:52

Just replying to tenpin again, I think that's a valid point and I agree with you there, there's still time for consultation with residents but even just making the process of the local plan clearer would have helped. I think as residents we should be holding all Cllrs to account, even when we're in the same party, but I do trust the Lab Cllrs to roll out a consultation process.

2018-03-02 19:27:02

Another reply to Jake Shepherd The facts are these, objections to EFDC's Local Plan had to be with that Council by 29 January after a six week so called consultation period which probably hardly anyone in Harlow would have known about. The Labour group support that plan. I am not aware that the conservative group at the council put in any formal objection. As for Harlow's plan, this is months behind when it should have been put out for consultation and the deadline set by the government to get a final plan agreed is looming. If the deadline is not met, the government have told councils that they will be told to increase the housing requirement by a whopping 75%! The plan being produced by Harlow Council's Labour group will have a huge impact on thousands of residents, to date resident involvement has been virtually nil.

2018-03-03 08:44:39

The original article queried the worth of Chris Vince as a suitable candidate for the up-coming election. And, as usual we have pages of, "I know better than you". Stick to the issues please. V L at your P.

2018-03-10 13:12:41

Wait... there's a Harlow UKIP?

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