Big victory for Harlow Labour as they win Little Parndon By-Election

News / Thu 8th Mar 2018 at 11:56pm

LABOUR has successfully defended the ward of Little Parndon and Hare Street. Victorious Chris Vince won with 62.2% of the vote, which is their biggest percentage share of the vote in this ward for a long time.

The Conservative share has also gone up but it was once again, bad news for Ukip, who slumped to just 80 votes (down from 365 just two years ago).

Labour were clearly buoyed and will see this as a real stepping stone to the local elections on May 3rd where they will hope to making more gains.

After the count, Chris Vince said: “Thank you to everyone who cam eout to help me in this campaign. Your support really is greatly appreciated. I will continue to work hard to get more Harlow Labour councillors elected”.


Chris Vince (Lab): 781-62.2% (+7.9%)

John Steer (Cons): 394-31.4% (+5.2%)

Patsy Long (Ukip): 80-6.4% (-13.1%)

Maj: 387
Turnout: 20.1
Percentage Share: 62.2%

In 2014, Labour retained the seat by 199 votes (43%).
In 2015, by 558 (48%) (bigger turnout due to Gen Election).
In 2016, by 539 (54%) (Jon Clempner).

Result 2016

Jon CLEMPNER Labour Party – 1021
Peter LAMB The Conservative Party Candidate – 492
Richard RICHARDSON UK Independence Party (UKIP) – 365

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7 Comments for Big victory for Harlow Labour as they win Little Parndon By-Election:

2018-03-09 05:58:41

I think you will find that it was Little Parndon not great Parndon.

2018-03-09 06:36:36

What a shame. More of the same then!

m ingall
2018-03-09 08:26:56

A great win for a wonderful candidate. Chris Vince is hardworking, intelligent and compassionate. He is exactly what Harlow needs in a Councillor. A good night for Chris, a good night for Labour, a good night for Little Parndon and Hare Street and the right result for Harlow.

2018-03-09 12:24:15

Nice unbiased comment from the Labour Deputy Leader there! This was brought about by Labour infighting. This was of course the safest Labour seat in the town against very little opposition. The Lib.Dems and Greens couldn't even be bothered! Tells you very little about May. It's the marginal wards that will count!

2018-03-10 12:50:24

A thumping and well deserved win by Chris, who will serve the ward with the same energy enthusiasm and optimism as he approached the campaign. Labour are on the march, all the way to the May elections and beyond.

2018-03-10 18:54:30

Message to Jerry from Queens dream on. Cllr Dan Long is the most visible Cllr in the Bush Fair ward, always out cleaning up and also keeping the safer neighbourhood team informed about fly tipping and other illegal activities going on, he uses his own initiative and doesn't rely on anyone for assistance, what your talking belongs in the bin in this photo. The only time Labour are out an about is to misinform people about other parties policies, I know that some Labour candidates in the past have intimidated candidates from other parties whilst out canvassing or they have used intimidating behaviour towards residents when they have said they don't vote Labour. So this goes to proves Labour do not conduct a fair and professional election s. I am proud to have Cllr Dan Long as my Cllr here in Bush Fair I know that he works hard for everyone and doesn't push his politics on people that are not interested. Where as the Labour party do. Oh and one other thing Cllr Dan lives in the Bush Fair ward. Ps don't not put any Labour leaflets through my door. You will be wasting your printing ink as it will be put in the recycle bin. If that's the case about that Cllr Dan is not about in the community how come he saved a 18 month old baby from choking and that he also came to the aid of a teenage girl who had an epileptic fit in a supermarket in Bush Fair so not a visible presence. You can ask anyone in the Bush Fair ward do they see Cllr Dan Long on a daily basis? How often do they see Cllr Beckett or Cllr Ingall some say who is Cllr Ingall we only know Cllr Dan.

2018-03-10 20:50:38

Goddess, did you copy and paste this onto another comment? The unfortunate stream of negativity seems rather familiar. Intimidating other candidates is a serious charge. And one that would have a chance of holding water if we actually saw any other candidates out canvassing.

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