Fountain Farm pond in Tye Green Village given a makeover

Communities / Fri 9th Mar 2018 at 10:54am

AN historically significant pond located within the Fountain Farm Supported Housing scheme in Tye Green Village received a make-overFountain 22

Fountain Farm 1 thanks to Bush Fair Cllr Mark Ingall and a group of Labour volunteers.

The pond, which dates back to the middle Ages, had become densely overgrown and a build-up of leaves and rubbish turned this potentially picturesque spot into a foul smelling eyesore for the elderly residents whose common room looks onto it.

Cllr Ingall said today; “I meet regularly with the residents of Fountains Farm and the state of the pond was an on-going concern.

“Living locally, I’ve heard that there was once a slaughter house located next to the pond and blood and effluent from the slaughter used to drain into it.

“The odour coming off it last summer wasn’t quite that bad, but it was pretty unpleasant, not to mention the fact that the pond itself was unsightly with little light getting through the overgrown banks.

“Last weekend I was able to muster a crew of experienced local volunteers to come and help cut back the overgrowth, clear the litter and dredge some of the debris from the pond. In doing so, we were excited to see an early season frog which we gently returned to its hiding place.

“We hope that this remedial work along with a further session in the summer, will restore this little piece of our natural heritage to its best and that the residents of Fountain Farm may once again enjoy the sight of dragon flies, wild ducks, coots and the occasional heron visiting it.

“I would like to thank the volunteers who came along and HTS for collecting the litter and removing the environmental waste in due course.”

Joyce Creedon, a resident of Fountain Farm said: “The pond is greatly improved thanks to the work done by Mark and the volunteers and we hope very much that in the summer we will be able to sit outside and enjoy it.

“In the meantime, the view from our common room and from residents’ houses that look onto it, is greatly improved.”

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14 Comments for Fountain Farm pond in Tye Green Village given a makeover:

2018-03-09 14:10:16

Certainly is election time for the REDS. Same old faces out and about pretending to cleanse the vital areas, where votes may be ? If your so keen on this activity why did it get into this state in the first place ? Pretend do-gooders. How embarrassing. VOTE LABOUR at your PERIL.

m ingall
2018-03-09 14:49:39

Oh dear Mickey. The Labour team have been meeting the Residents of Fountains Farm every other month for two years, since I became a Councillor. During which time we have assisted the residents with numerous issues. We waited until this time of year to do the pond in order to avoid ecological damage. At no time ever have I seen anybody from UKIP helping out with any of these community projects. Again and again we see you make negative, disparaging comments on these pages. You never seem to have anything positive to offer. Look, if you don't want to actually do anything to help out your local community that's fine, but we're all getting a little tired of you putting down those that do want to make Harlow a better place to live.

2018-03-10 07:04:19

Momentum is lacking. Did you see Clempner on TV last night ? He uses the same language to describe labour in 'arlow. Not to be trusted. Apparent to anyone, that the REDS are quite indignant when the true comments about their lack of honesty and integrity are highlighted. "ecological damage", you're having a laugh. VOTE LABOUR at your PERIL.

m ingall
2018-03-10 09:23:13

You just can't help yourself can you Micky? Nothing positive to say about the volunteers who gave up their Saturday morning to help the community. Nothing positive to say about the renovation of a historic Harlow pond. No contribution yourself. Just put downs, negativity and unpleasant comments. No wonder the UKIP vote in Harlow is plummeting.

2018-03-10 11:28:25

Real volunteers are out and about all year round doing what they do without boasting about it or doing it for personal advantage Mr Ingall. Please don't taint the word volunteer and the incredible people who give up their time and skills for no reward. You are Labour or Momentum activists, yes you did good but just be honest about it please

2018-03-10 12:57:16

Great positivity from the Labour Party, actually out in the community meeting voters all year round (unlike some others) and engaging in projects that benefit residents such as this (ditto). This is what community spirit looks like.

2018-03-10 14:42:09

This is a good of Cllr Ingall but at the same time, it's only rightvthey he is involved in this because it fountain farm is right on his doorstep. I'm always out about cleaning up and have been for years but i dont expect the the press turning up every time I'm out clean or help solve The worries and concerns of the Bush fair residents because that is my role as a local councillor anyway and ehat the residents Bush fair elected me to do and I will continue doing no matter what.

2018-03-10 18:02:38

In regards to jerrys message. Where do you live, in a cave or something. I am.out and about in amounst the residents of Bush Fair and Harlow all the time. The difference is, I associate with the residents of Bush fair and Harlow, I don't just go out to be in amounst them to gain all the credit for the hard work from other councillors or scrounge votes off the Harlow residents, unlike the councillors from a specific party in Harlow and it don't take much to know what party I'm taking about.

2018-03-10 19:39:19

Message to Jerry! Dream on Cllr Dan Long is a visible Cllr in this ward working hard for everyone. If Cllr Dan wasn't visible how come he was able to save the life of a 18 month old baby from choking and he also helped a teenage girl who suffered an epileptic seizure in a supermarket. So what your talking belongs in the bin in this photo. I myself am proud to have Cllr Dan Long as our Cllr along with some of the residents here in Bush Fair, we always see him cleaning up and looking out for his residents. Whereas the two Labour Cllr's you rarely see unless they want your vote. Don't put any Labour leaflets through my letterbox as they will go straight in my recycle bin. Electioneering gimmick again if there wasn't a local election coming up they would not have bothered about Fountains farm. So saying the Labour party are out and about all year round is an embellishment of the truth. Misleading the electorate is a disgrace.

2018-03-10 20:30:15

I've never seen Tories out canvassing and knocking on doors. If I walked past Dan Long in the street I wouldn't know him from Adam. The Labour Party however have been out since the first week of January, check the Twitter account of the new councillor Chris Vince for evidence of that. The guy that had that massive victory the other night...

2018-03-10 20:36:51

No Danny darling, I do not live in a cave but I do attract my fair share of trolls. Well if true, the story about saving a baby from choking is commendable indeed. Would it be remiss of me to say that he's unlikely to be able to do the same for his party in May's elections?

2018-03-11 08:36:54

We will see. That's all I'm going to say.

2018-03-11 15:25:00

Tories can see Thursday's result for pointers.

2018-03-12 16:43:42

Pml! So you are massively proud of winning a by election in Little Parndon with 60% of the vote, on a 20% turnout in the safest Labour seat in the town! That means only 12% of Little Parndon voted for their new Councillor, at an election created by Labour infighting and backstabbing their leader! Wow! Your self satisfied gloating is well justified! Roflmao!

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