Is this the worst pothole in Harlow?

News / Fri 9th Mar 2018 at 01:40pm

Pothole Southern

YOU may have noticed that after the snow drifted away, we have been left with even more potholes in Harlow.

There are some new ones and there are some that have, like an old wound, re-opened.

They can appear overnight, like this monster pothole on Southern Way, just by the Park Inn.

As you can see from the film, it is creating a danger because cars are driving erratically in order to avoid going into the pothole.

Remember, this is the responsibility of Essex County Council.

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6 Comments for Is this the worst pothole in Harlow?:

m ingall
2018-03-09 14:30:38

Tory controlled Essex County Council are responsible for the maintenance of the roads in Harlow. At a recent meeting with representatives from their Highways team they admitted they cannot allocate enough spending to maintain our roads. The state of our roads is a direct consequence of the Conservatives slashing the financial support they give Councils.

2018-03-09 16:51:22

Yes it is down to the Tory controlled county council but even when Harlow had three Labour county councillors up until 2017, the roads were in the same state. I know the county council has been Tory controlled for quite some years but the residents of Harlow had more Labour county councillors than Tory county councillors for quite some years too and what did they do about the state of our roads and pavements? Guess what, Nothing. Now the council Tax has been increased by the Tory administration party of Essex county council and not the Labour administration party of Harlow, that makes a change, doesn't it ever one, The residents of Harlow including myself would like to see the roads and pavements repaired and properly maintained without any further delays and without anymore more excuses thrown us and with to quality materials and not cheap or second rated materials because we sure do pay enough towards the road and pavements in Harlow, to be in top quality condition, through our road tax and council tax. The residents of Harlow have had enough broken promises from the two main parties of Harlow and deserve a much better service than they are receiving at this present time.

tony edwards
2018-03-10 09:53:29

The Headline should have been - "Harlow the pothole capital of Essex?". Conservative controlled Essex County Council are responsible for the repair of potholes and the service they provide compared with other County Councils is appalling. They recently increased the Council Tax by nearly 5% so that could invest in infrastructure. They now need to invest in Harlow.

2018-03-10 11:02:52

The state of the roads is a direct consequence of aging infrastructure and the cold weather and is the same across the country whether its a Conservative or Labour or LibDem council, so get off your holier than thou pedestal Mr Ingall especially as labour had the opportunity under Blair and Brown to do something and they didn't bother, apart from selling off gold at its lowest price that is. Perhaps you or Mr Edwards can come up with a plan to actually do something rather than just blame everyone else? Of course you won't because you haven't got any ideas and rely on others because your not fit for office and you've got rid of the biggest asset you had in Mr Clempner. If you claim to be leaders lead don't bitch and moan because your out of your depth

tony edwards
2018-03-10 15:11:45

Hi RF I do not know whether you ever get out of Harlow - because if you do you will see that the roads elsewhere in the country are in a generally in a much better state than they are in Essex and Harlow. For years Essex CC has under invested in in roads when compared to other authorities (and that includes both Labour and Tory controlled authorities). You only have to look at Hertfordshire (another Tory Controlled Authority)for a comparison - where they have invested over the years and where the roads are in a much better state So I will continue to call for increased investment in our Town and hope that you will to.

2018-03-12 16:30:24

Firstly, I won't defend Essex CC because they are a disgraceful bunch of incompetents! And yes, I said as much when I was a Tory too. The issue is they keep giving the contract to the useless Wilson Bowden because they are cheap and use cheap materials - hence the patches are pretty useless and either sink or break up again pretty quickly. Harlow is the forgotten District as far as they are concerned. Unfortunately Labour have little to crow about, as 3 of our 4 County Councillors have in the main been Labour in recent years and haven't exactly fought Harlow's corner on road and pavement repairs. Also Labour don't like to tell you that alot of our roads, especially in our estates are unadopted highway and are the responsibility of Harlow Council as a result. Another area where they distort the truth and fail the Residents of Harlow!

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