Staff at Princess Alexandra Hospital report improvements at Trust

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Staff at Princess Alexandra Hospital report improvements at Trust

The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust is pleased to share our latest annual staff survey results, which reflect a number of notable improvements over the past year.

They are now in the top 20% best performing Trusts in the country for:

• The quality of staff appraisals
• Support given to staff by immediate managers
• Staff feeling confident and secure should they need to report unsafe clinical practice
• Effective team working
• Using the feedback we receive from patients and service users effectively

Staff have reported improvements in a number of areas since last year, including offering greater flexibility of working hours, better communication between senior managers and staff, reporting any errors, near misses and accidents which is essential to drive improvements in patient care, and promoting the health and well-being of our staff.

Areas highlighted by the survey where we need to make faster progress include identifying more opportunities for career progression, addressing the number of hours worked and the pressure experienced by staff at work, and ensuring that all staff complete essential mandatory training.

Lance McCarthy, Trust Chief Executive, said: “The results of the most recent survey are very encouraging and reflect the good progress we have made over the past twelve months to improve the quality of care we provide to our patients. However, there are a number of improvements we know we can make to improve staff satisfaction further, and I am committed to doing exactly that. The Trust is increasingly a great place to work and we are confident that these latest results will help to attract even more staff to work with us.”
Every year our Trust takes part in the National NHS Staff Survey and this time around the survey was completed by a third of our workforce. The survey provides an opportunity for staff to have a say on what it is like to work for our Trust and to compare results with other similar Trusts across the country. The findings help to highlight areas of good practice as well as identify aspects requiring improvement.
We will involve staff representatives in developing plans across the Trust to realise further improvements in the areas highlighted, and we will be pleased to report progress.”
In a joint statement, Daniella Pritchard, Staff Side Secretary, and Nicola Maguire-Smith, Staff Side Chair, said: “It is fantastic to see the improvements achieved over this past year reflected within the survey. We will continue to work collaboratively with the Trust to focus on areas requiring refinement and look forward to seeing even higher levels of staff satisfaction this time next year. ”
One particular area of achievement is the number of staff now receiving quality annual appraisals, and we would like to acknowledge the work of Charlotte Jefferson, Head of Staff Engagement, in conjunction with members of our Staff Side (unions and staff representatives) for the time they have invested in supporting people working here to achieve this.

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2018-03-10 12:54:00

Great praise is due to the staff at the Alex for their improvements in the teeth of the ideologically-driven privatisation policy of this discredited Tory government. The NHS is not our most treasured institution for nothing and needs to be protected for all of us.

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