Osler House closure: Labour announce plans for demonstration

News / Wed 14th Mar 2018 at 06:51pm

FOLLOWING an unsatisfactory meeting between Labour councillors and representatives of the West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group (WECCG) last Friday (March 9) to discuss the closure of Osler House GP surgery in Potter Street, Harlow Labour has announced plans for a public demonstration against the decision.

The 3,000 patients registered at the surgery received a letter on February 26 advising them that the surgery, which has served the Potter Street community for over 60 years, would close as of April 30.

The public demonstration will be held at Osler House this Saturday 17 March from 11-12 noon.

Labour councillor for Harlow Common, Maggie Hulcoop, a patient at the surgery since it opened its doors said today; “I am absolutely furious about the decision to close Osler House surgery. The decision was taken without any consultation of stakeholder groups and has been communicated in a fashion you could only describe as cowardly.

“As a councillor for the ward, the first I heard about it was in a letter I received as a patient of the surgery.

“People need to understand what’s really going on with Osler House and what is set to happen to many, many more GP surgeries under the Tories.

“The simple truth is that Osler House was not “profitable” and under this government, GP practices must make a profit or they will close, regardless of the vital role they’re playing in the community and the thousands of sick and vulnerable people under their care.

“Last year, Osler House lost £120,000 due to changes in government funding policy. Consequently it is no longer profitable and will close.

“And for our MP to come back from Westminster and pretend to be on the side of the people affected by this savagery, when it is his government’s policies which have led to this decision, is a sham.”

Harlow Labour warned of the knock on effects of this decision including the possibility of longer waiting times at surgeries in Bush Fair, Staple Tye, Church Langley and Old Harlow and increased pressure on our ambulance and A&E services.

Maggie Hulcoop said; “Osler House is not the only GP practice in Harlow at risk of closure. We know of several others that are under close scrutiny by the West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group.

“Every aspect of this is disgraceful and we will fight tooth and nail against it. I urge every person who cares about Osler House and the NHS to join us this Saturday to send a loud signal that this is not acceptable.”

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7 Comments for Osler House closure: Labour announce plans for demonstration:

2018-03-14 21:41:55

Surely Maggie you haven't forgotten the crisis meetings over Osler House when your very own Bill Rammell was the MP under a Labour government? And that wasn't about funding either. Yet more fake news from Labour.

2018-03-15 07:26:56

The general pattern of life is balance. Obviously the management here are to blame for the lack of it. Everything that happens in life cannot be blamed on the Tories. As usual, labour are economical with the truth. VOTE LABOUR at your PERIL.

m ingall
2018-03-15 08:54:17

A good attempt at at deflection there from Tory Councillor Simon Carter. But........ As a Councillor for a neighbouring ward, I only became aware of the closure of Osler House on the day patients received the closure letters. No notice, no consultation. Is that acceptable Simon? This closure is the direct result of the Conservative government underfunding the NHS. GP practices are now being run like businesses, their income coming from money from the NHS, but expected to make a profit for the company's owners. I understand the money provided to Osler House was cut by £120,000 last year as a result of Tory policy, meaning the business would run at a loss and so it decided to close. Whether there were issues with Osler house in the past, the current closure was done without notice - unacceptable. Patients will struggle to get appointments at already overcrowded nearby surgeries - unacceptable. The accelerating pace of the piecemeal break-up and privatisation of the NHS under the Tories is damaging healthcare for Harlow residents - unacceptable. Its been said before, but its worth re-stating. You can't trust the Tories with the NHS.

2018-03-15 11:07:40

Shame on this Tory government, our publicity hungry chancer of an MP, Robert Halfon and our pathetic Tory Councillors for buying into this absolute sham. Surgeries are closing all over the UK due to Tory cuts. Brighton and Hove has lost a quarter of its surgeries in two years, due to cuts. More than 265,000 people in the UK have lost a GP after Tory cuts force surgeries to close as doctors leave NHS. I could go on and on. Let's not play politics Simon and Mickey, this is about ordinary people living in Harlow - who's lives will be made even more difficult because of the closure of Osler House. Vote Tory at your peril.

2018-03-15 16:12:07

Yet again Labour and Tories are blaming each other for whatever goes wrong. Here's a thought - Stop acting like spoilt f*****g children and trying to score points off of each other. Get a grip and work together to sort the mess that you've all had a hand in creating. What bothers me most here though is what is going to happen to Osler House in the Prentice Place regeneration? Or do the plans already cater for it not being a doctor's surgery anymore?

2018-03-16 17:34:00

You do realise Osler House isn't open on Saturday? So why are you protesting about them closing when no one will be there to see it? Would have thought protesting outside the CCG offices on a weekday would make more sense or is this just an opportunity for Momentum (they have been publicising that its them organising the protest) to bandwagon jump and self publicise on the back of the elderly and vulnerable who have been affected by this terrible decision?

2018-03-17 06:43:59

This just in: "Momentum" are to blame for the murder of Julius Caesar, the M25 and Jennifer Lawrence stacking it at the Oscars the other year.

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