Review: Stephen Bailey at Harlow Playhouse

Entertainment / Sun 18th Mar 2018 at 02:05pm

Review: Stephen Bailey at Harlow Playhouse

Saturday March 17th

NOT every comedian enjoys what they do. This reviewer remembers speaking to an Australian comedian at the Edinburgh Festival in 1994, who was hating every minute of performing.

Stephen Bailey looks like he really enjoys performing. He goes out of his way to engage with an auidence and when it clicks, like it did last night, then it can make for a great night.

In some ways he was helped by a camp ambience in the Harlow Playhouse as S Club 3 and Dane Bowers were performing in the main auditorium.

This may have been the smallest audience on tour but you got the feeling it may have been his most receptive. Even the three who left at the interval (they did look very bemused in the first half) made for good material.

Stephen is pretty fruity but in a 18-cert saucy postcard, carry-on sort of way. He was able to intertwine his stories of various lovers and the glossary of terms used in sexual lexicon with him interacting with the audience. We are sure the young man who came with his girlfriend and parents will remember the show for a long time. As will the couple who arrived late “I drive slowly” and the young lady who needed some terms explained to her, particularly “and then he invited me for a steak dinner”. The young lady apparently whispered to her parents “What is a steak dinner?” Stephen then explained “No, there is no innuendo, it was a steak dinner”.

The show continued at this pace with Stephen Bailey regaling us with tales about his family, his fluent french, Hollyoaks and his stop/start love life.

We also learned you can hire out an elephant for £5K at Chester Zoo.

There is a kindness and charm to Stephen’s delivery and performance that is a great enhancement of his work.

As we said in the review, we think this is a young ambitous performer who will go places. Not just as a stand-up pbut we think Stephen will continue to flourish in a number of roles.

A cracking, warm show on a cold evening. Then quite a few people popped into the last part of S Club!

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