Harlow MP “delighted” at PAH coming out of special measures

News / Wed 21st Mar 2018 at 09:50am

Halfon PAH

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has expressed his delight at the news that Princess Alexandra Hospital has come out of special measures.

Mr Halfon said: “I am delighted that Princess Alexandra Hospital has made big improvements and come out of special measures.

“I would like to pay tribute to the incredible nurses, doctors, porters, support staff and management team for their incredible work. It is testament to their dedication and compassion that one of the three areas that the hospital reprieved a ‘Good’ rating for was ‘Caring’.

I’m proud that Harlow is among the best performing hospitals in the country in areas including:

Cancer waiting times – number 1 Trust in December 2017
Maternity services – rated as ‘outstanding’ by the CQC
‘End of Life’ and dementia services
Infection control – some of the lowest MRSA rates in the country

“I hope that our hospital will continue to build on these improvements to provide the best healthcare possible for Harlow residents.

However, despite the very best efforts of all the hospital staff, our hospital faces three major problems:

Difficulties recruiting and retaining staff, being very close by to London hospitals which can pay higher wages.
Poor infrastructure and buildings which are no longer fit for purpose.
Amongst the highest A&E use per head in the country.
A new Hospital would answer to each of these problems.

New facilities would be far more attractive to work in and would encourage recruitment.

Doctors and nurses would no longer have to treat patients in deteriorating temporary structures, well past their 10-15 year life span.

A new development could be tailored to the needs of the growing population of Harlow and the surrounding area that the Hospital serves, increasing capacity and reducing waiting times.

“I will continue working Harlow to support our incredible NHS workers and get the investment for the new hospital Harlow needs to deliver health care fit for the 21st century”.

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2018-03-21 12:29:57

The fact that any hospital is in special measures should be a cause for massive concern but it's an everyday thing under the Tories. These are preventable situations caused entirely by a government that has a zealous ideological agenda to privatise what doesn't belong to them. Maybe Bob can tell us what else he's delighted at. The rise in child poverty? The increase in hate crime? Homelessness on the rise? All happening under the stewardship of this discredited shambles of a government.

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