Harlow residents angry over cancelled “pothole” meeting

News / Thu 29th Mar 2018 pm31 02:08pm

HARLOW residents and councillors were left angry after a meeting to discuss potholes in Harlow was cancelled at the last minute.


Residents who live near the cycletrack that runs close to Cooks Spinney Primary had got over 250 signatures to comaoin about the state of the path.

They were hoping to present it at the meeting of the Harlow Local Highways Panel but it was cancelled at the last minute.

We interviewed residents David and Lesley as well as Mark Hall councillor, Danny Purton.

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3 Comments for Harlow residents angry over cancelled “pothole” meeting:

2018-03-29 17:03:02

I say as I see, and judge people by their actions (or in this case inaction). Residents and councillors taking time out of their day to attend a meeting with all their thought out ideas and solutions and the other side can't be bothered to show up. Not great.

2018-03-29 22:44:51

I have been speaking up about the potholes and the state of The pavements in Harlow, long before i got elected in as a local councillor of Bush fair, thank to the residents of Bush fair. The Harlow Labour administration party councillors should have been on the ball about the pot holes in Harlow long before now. It was up until.last year that the majority of the residents of Harlow voted to have three Labour county councillors representing them in Essex county council. I know Essex county council is Conservative administrated, I don't need reminded on that, thank you but those three Labour county councillors were elected to be the voice of The residents of Harlow and was they, ermmm obviously not. Us councillors are elected by the residents for a reason and reason being, to be the voice of the people of Harlow, whether it's as a District councillor or a county councillor. The people of Harlow pay to receive a service and should be receiving a better service, From both the Harlow Labour administration party and the Essex county council Conservative administrating party.

2018-03-30 22:06:17

I see effort from Labour councillors but little from ECC. Councillors from the Labour group are in fact providing a service for the people of Harlow, not just with this but in their ongoing efforts to improve the look of the town with regular litter picks and gardening sessions, canvassing in order to listen to residents' concerns and creating HTS so as to have more control over the quality of maintenance of Harlow, not to mention reinvest the profits back into the area.

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