Osler House: Could it be your surgery tomorrow?

News / Fri 30th Mar 2018 at 12:15pm

Osler Emma

HARLOW Labour councillors issued a stark warning that other surgeries could also be under threat.

The comments were made at a Harlow Council meeting on Thursday night.

Harlow Labour leader, cllr Emma Toal had led a motion on Osler House.

It read: “Harlow Council is appalled at the recent decision to close a much loved and valued primary care service with the planned closure of Osler House.

“This decision was carried out without any prior consultation with key stakeholders including the Council.

This council: a. Calls on the West Essex CCG to maintain primary care in the Potters Street area.

b. Asks the CCG to conduct an urgent study to understand the impact this decision will have on other surgeries in Harlow; to provide
better engagement with local residents on access and transport; and to be more open about the future community and primary care in Harlow.

c. Calls on th elocal MP to faciltate an urgent meeting with the minister responsible for primary care and invite key stakeholders to review the funding that has forced
this closure on local residents.

d. Requests that the Scrutiny Committee urgently reviews the decision.

As you will see from the thirty minute film, Labour councillors warned that other surgeries may be under threat. Thye referred to Sydenham House near Arkwrights and Barbara Castle House in Sumners.

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2 Comments for Osler House: Could it be your surgery tomorrow?:

2018-03-30 13:38:14

It very well could be. Nye Bevan said the NHS would be around as long as there were folk prepared to fight for it, and that's what is needed in the teeth of the ideologically-driven privatisation policy of this discredited shambles of a government. Robert Halfon voted for the Health and Social Care Act 2012 which, when it was passed, had some Tory Cabinet ministers banging their fists on their desks in celebration. But then, with an indecent amount of Tory MPs with interests in private health organisations, that's no surprise. This is merely the thin end of the wedge. The health service belongs to us all, not to a select few only too happy to carve it up for their chums.

2018-03-30 14:44:10

This has been Tory policy for decades: privatise or create a body like the CCGs, which the unwanted and openly hated top down reorganisation of the health service facilitated, then when things go wrong (or perhaps right, if you're in the Conservative Party), wash your hands of it and blame the private firm or the group you created. Use them as human shields, effectively. They want all the power but none of the responsibility. Same old story. Same old Tories.

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