Politics: Candidates declared for local elections in Harlow

News / Fri 6th Apr 2018 pm30 04:47pm

Here is the list of candidates for the local elections on Thursday May 3rd, 2018.

Bush Fair

Andreea Hardware (Conservative Party)
Eugenie Harvey (Labour Party)
Dan Long (Ukip)
Christopher Robins (Lib Democrats)

Church Langley

Tony Hall (Conservative Party)
Pat Long (Ukip)
Jake Shepherd (Labour Party)

Great Parndon

Shona Johnson (Conservative Party)
Allan Jolley (Labour Party)
Nicholas Taylor (Harlow Alliance Party)

Harlow Common

Mike Carr (Harlow Alliance Party)
Maggie Hulcoop (Labour Party)
Anita Long (Ukip)
Tom Reynolds (Conservative Party)

Little Parndon and Hare Street

Tony Durcan (Labour Party)
Patsy Long (Ukip)
Stevie Soutar (Conservative Party)

Mark Hall

Andrew Colley (Conservative Party)
Danny Purton (Labour Party)
Lesley Rideout (Lib Democrats)
Abbey Ward (Ukip)


Jake Brackstone (Conservative Party)
Michael Danvers (Labour Party)
Marian Lestrange (Ukip)
Robert Thurston (Lib Democrats)

Old Harlow

Joel Charles (Conservative Party
Liam Kerrigan (Labour Party)
Christopher Millington (Lib Democrats)

Staple Tye

Mark Gough (Ukip)
Michael Hardware (Conservative Party)
Laura McAlpine (Labour Party)

Sumners and Kingsmoor

Nicholas Churchill (Conservative Party)
Aiden O’Dell (Labour Party)


Tony Edwards (Labour Party)
Peter Lamb (Conservative Party)
Alan Leverett (Harlow Alliance Party)
Chris Ward (Ukip)

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39 Comments for Politics: Candidates declared for local elections in Harlow:

2018-04-06 17:42:31

I know some think the districts don't mean much but this is where it starts, where we can send a message to this farce of a government that we will have no truck with their backward looking hate mongering agenda. Where we can say that this country has a chance to work for you whatever God you worship and whoever you choose to sleep with and to banish the scourge of xenophobia and discrimination first from our town and then from the country. Fear builds walls so vote for hope, not the bland leading the bland and the old, tired, dead on their feet Conservative Party. Let's build a better country that we can all invest and get benefit from, not just a select few. It starts on May 3rd. Be part of something special. Something that'll help the young to feel they have a future, help working people to keep their essential rights and ensure the elderly have more dignity. Vote Labour.

2018-04-06 20:42:11

Would that be the anti-Semitic Labour Party? Cos anti-Semitism is xenophobic and racist is it not? Even Jezza loving Momentum says it's a problem in the Labour Party!

2018-04-06 21:45:28

That's a negative, Ghost Rider. The pattern is full. Blah blah blah, Momentum, blah blah blah, wot I read in The Sun, blah blah blah, Corbyn is a Commie. This is all the opponents of the Labour Party have, lies, smears and scaremongering, no actual positive policies of their own or light at the end of the tunnel for the hundreds of thousands living in poverty in this country. After the last election disaster for the Tories, you'd have thought they'd have realised that all their ridiculous stories didn't work. But that's only made them madder. Old, tired, outdated and dead in the water, the Conservative Party are just waiting to be put out of their misery. On May 3rd that process begins.

2018-04-07 06:45:06

VOTE LABOUR at your PERIL. Would you want to be politically associated with you know who?

2018-04-07 07:56:54

98% of the nasty and vindictive remarks that I have had to put up with, have come from yhe months of left wing supporters. It's amazing what the teachers in our schools and colleges teach the youth and residents of today. The people of Harlow are FED UP with the council Tax increases that have had to face over the past 6 years, main by the Labour, Harlow administration party and the Harlow residents still not receiving the service they pay for and deserve. The residents of Harlow are FED UP with broken promises coming from the main parties. That's the Tory county council administrating party councillors and the Labour Harlow administrating party councillors. I am proud to see that most of subjects that I mentioned in my pre election interview back in April 2014, has been acted upon, by both the Labour Harlow administrating party and Tory county council administrating party. I'm glad I made my voice heard when it comes to speaking up for the number one priority, the residents of Bush fair and Harlow. I am a dedicated and proud councillor of Bush fair. As well as a loyal local residents of Bush fair. we have determined and dedicated team Hare in Harlow Thank you to the majority residents of Harlow for supporting us in the 2016 referendum. People before party, that's our motto. UKIP, putting Harlow and the people of Harlow first. Love Harlow vote UKIP.

2018-04-07 08:39:57

Council tax has been frozen in the latest budget. Bit of a stretch to say only left wingers say bad things. Your ole pal Farage is a constant source of opinions for which the gutter would be too clean. The 2016 EU referendum has split the country and made it a harsher, darker place to live, made business more nervous than they have been in generations with the attendant drop in general investment, destroyed the value of the pound, and has left the government in a state of paralysis while they dance on the head of a pin trying to please all while satisfying none. It was an utterly pointless act of self harm driven in the main by fear, cowardice and xenophobia. Some voted to leave for legitimate reasons, yes. But reports are now coming out that dirty tricks may have been involved. Should they come to fruition, and if it looks like our processes were undermined, whither the "we love democracy" argument when the system itself may have been usurped by dark forces.

2018-04-07 08:41:18

Instead of mother of pearl, can we call Micky mother of PERIL?

2018-04-08 05:59:34

JFQ and dark forces ? I bet he believes in fairies. VOTE LABOUR at your PERIL , and you'll be saddled with more like him.

2018-04-08 06:18:04

Still waiting for mother of PERIL to say something positive instead of all the scaremongering. Okay, I will then. Look at the Labour Council's achievements: freezing council tax, a £1 million pot for improving neighbourhoods, taking the maintenance of the town back from the private sector ensuring better quality control and profits being reinvested back in Harlow, a highly visible presence around the town taking to residents and taking action on their concerns... I could go on. Mother of PERIL wants you to live in fear, like all Tories, because they like you to feel scared as you're less likely to vote. They have a place for you and want you to stay there. Don't let them get away with trying to silence your voice. Put them in their place instead, in the dustbin of history.

2018-04-08 13:33:50

Stop trying to trick the residents of Harlow. It's the first-time in 6 years that this Harlow Labour administrating party has frozen the council Tax and that was only done this year because the Essex county council Tory administrating party increased it. Stop pull the eyes of the Residents of Harlow. This Harlow Labour administrating party do nothing but credit snatch from the hard work from the councillors from the other parties.

2018-04-08 13:35:32

Stop trying to.pull wool over the eyes of the Harlow residents.

2018-04-08 14:58:06

At the Last full council meeting I noticed that the Conservative Party proposed a motion to use the profits from HTS to build more Council Housing for Harlow residents. This was rejected by the Labour Party. I Bet they have not broadcast that to residents desperate for a home.

2018-04-08 16:13:58

There's no wool, there's no pulling and there are no eyes to be obscured. Let's hear what UKIP would have done differently. I think that Mig got him all screwed up, Mav. Oh boy. We're through the looking glass when the Tories try to claim they're the party of social housing. Actually they're more like the party of social cleansing, after decades of imploring people to buy up council houses and being too busy lining their pockets to build new ones, while warping the economy to benefit the 1% and curbing trade union influence so that those buying their houses fall into uncertain working conditions, fall behind on payments and become homeless. Remember Cardboard City? That happened under a heartless Tory government bent on keeping their fundraisers happy at the expense of the rest of us. And I marvel at a party that claims they care about such matters when a Tory councillor in Windsor wanted the streets cleared of rough sleepers for the upcoming Royal wedding, and the ensuing deafening silence from the prime minister.

2018-04-08 21:57:02

The amount of council we pay here in Harlow is a joke. Both parties are to blame so when push comes to shove both of you are culpable when it comes to stinging the residents of this town. In the past five years the increases have come from the Administrating party ( Labour) So when it comes to the local elections I won't be voting for the main 3 parties Lab/Cons/Libs. We have a Labour candidate standing here that doesnt even live here in the Bush Fair ward she lives in Churchgate street in a big house I might add, so how the hell does she know what is going on in this part of Harlow. I will say this once more don't bother putting leaflets through my letterbox. And don't bother knocking on my door either. You won't be getting my vote Labour.

2018-04-08 22:22:30

You have got more chance of me suffering the pain of being Labour than the pain of thought of voting Labour.

2018-04-08 22:27:43

I meant to say Council Tax.

2018-04-09 05:28:45

Not entirely sure what you're getting at with the pain comment, but I'd take some Anadin if I were you. Oh here we go. The vile "she's not even from here" opinion, fresh from the gutter. I'd like to say that sort of disgusting attitude was a shock but it's really not. I think we all know what you're getting at, and I think we all know it's disgraceful. I'm trying to have a legitimate discussion about political process and the hatred comes in because you're losing the argument. By your "reasoning", because someone lives in a big house, let's say a UKIP donor, they don't know what's going on. Or do they all live in rabbit hutches? Eugenie, the Labour candidate for Bush Fair, has run and has been a driving force behind many campaigns such as those on road safety and organisation of the Bush Fair Fayre, is out talking to residents by canvassing every week and will make the perfect councillor for the residents of the area. If they're not Labour candidates or councillors, I have to Google them to see what they look like. That's how visible the rest are.

2018-04-09 10:41:02

If anything, it's the residents of Harlow who need pain some killers, having to listen you and the Harlow Labour group, keep going on about the same things all the time,such as freezing the council tax for the first time in 6 years of being the administration party of Harlow. The only reason the Harlow Labour administration party froze the council tax this year is because the Tory county council administrating party raised it. If they hadn't then there is no doubt that this Harlow Labour administrating party would have raised it. So as I said in my previous comment. Stop trying to pull the wool of the eyes of the Harlow residents.

2018-04-09 10:43:10

Its the Harlow residents who need some pain killers.

2018-04-09 11:41:45

Well if the UKIP contingent had actually achieved anything in their brief time with the council, I guess they could go on about a few things too. The people of Harlow will get what they need after May 3rd, more representation from better councillors who actually care about local issues and residents, who will stand up to ECC on roads, living conditions and neighbourhood problems.

2018-04-09 14:54:14

Whats the point of the arguments, don't we all want the same thing? Harlow residents come first and always should, I've spoken to harlow residents mainly people who live near town, a vote went up to the residents asking if they wanted grass or parking bays behind a block of masonettes the residents voted parking bays so the council decided to put grass there, also parking permits in permit zones it costs residents around 42 pound a year for the first resident permit then about 72 pound for the second one, I have always said the first permit should be free any extra would have to be paid for. There is a lot the council hasn't listened to from the residents and majority of the council is labour so for disappointment then yeah vote Labour, personally it's time to move on Labour has lost sight in what the residents want Vote UKIP

2018-04-09 16:13:19

If the Labour councillors cared that much about thecrexidents of Harlow our come I have been called to assist residents outside my own ward and in a Labour run ward. Our many of the Labour councillors would sit around a house of a Harlow residents for 8 hours so Harlow council building contractors can continue carrying out the work that needs doing and the residents can go onto work? I'm proud to of done this for a local resident.

2018-04-09 16:25:38

"For disappointment vote Labour"? We'll see on May 3rd how that holds up. There'll be some Kippers being hooked that night I shouldn't wonder. Got a link to the story of that resident? I'm sure UKIP wouldn't have been shy in going to the local press or writing a blog about it. The fact is, UKIP have been co opted by the Conservative Party and their swing to the right. Many are asking what the point of UKIP is now and that question will be answered on polling day.

2018-04-09 18:51:50

Co-opted by the Tories! O please! Don't make me laugh! Why should we identify a resident without permission? So it's back to the out of touch left - right rubbish! How about you actually focus on what residents want instead of whining on about such ridiculous labels! UKIP pledged more money to the NHS, Social care and mental health services in the last two GE's - a traditional left wing policy. UKIP want a successful Brexit - a traditional right wing policy. That's how outdated these labels really are!

2018-04-09 19:27:41

You don't have to identify the resident to the press or in a blog which undoubtedly would have been written at the time. Farage and Nuttall, UKIP's leading lights (such as they are) have both expressed their enthusiasm for a privatised NHS. I would quote another UKIP leader but I don't know who it is this week. Alan Hansen for all I know. UKIP are in such a state of disarray that they make the Tories look "Strong and Stable", and it's the co opting of unicorn-chasing Kipper policies that will bring the government down. Kippers in the EU Parliament have the very worst attendance record of any UK party, with even their weird obsession with fish not getting a look in as they only care about fisheries policy in front of the cameras, not enough to actually turn up to debates. Close the door on your way out, Kippers...

2018-04-09 22:12:33

hi Jerry, thanks for your comment please don't try picking an "argument" as you call it with me I prefer debates to be honest, I will not name a resident without permission however I'm sure how "active" your labour candidates are would meet the same resident and be told the same thing as I was, however it's hard to actually hear what the residents are saying when all labour do is want arguments and will argue with anyone who don't agree with labour, I sat and listened to what residents want and have had nice cups of tea with residents even been invited into thier properties to show me a few things that they are having trouble with. my advice to labour would be to keep quiet for a change and actually listen to the residents. nice try to pick an argument with me however I am not playing your childish game, if labour would like to set up a public debate I will happily attend that. remember keep smiling and listening to residents :)

2018-04-10 05:10:37

Nobody is picking a argument here because when it comes to Harlow, there is no argument when you look at a budget that has frozen council tax, has made a provision of £1 million to improve neighbourhoods, and has a controlling party that has brought maintenance of the town back in house and can put the profits back into improving the area. There is only one party that has canvassers out every week, all year round listening to residents and has the social media presence to prove it. Others just post their "literature" and run away. I have seen this with my own two eyes, and I call it "Benny Hill Canvassing" because you could set it to that music. And there is only one party that will stand up for the needs of the many, not the few.

2018-04-10 12:42:43

Council tax frozen ? Obviously jfq doesn't pay any. Same old REDS, economic with reality. VOTE LABOUR at your PERIL. DJ has got it absolutely spot on.

2018-04-10 12:56:06

Lets put Jerry right a bit here. Labour has only frozen Council Tax in Harlow this year, and for the first time in six. The other five years it went up. This year Council Tax is still up because both Tory Essex County Council and the Tory Police,Crime and Fire Commissioner have both increased their shares. Labour peers such as Robert Winston have suggested charging for GP visits. Labour signed more PFI agreements than any other party which have crippled numerous NHS trusts across the Country with 30 year multi million pound debts. UKIP promised more money to the NHS, Social Care and Mental Health services in the last two General Elections than any other party. Yes, Nigel and Paul questioned if the NHS budget was sustainable long term - but acknowledge that that was not party policy. Frankly it is time for National debate to get the best NHS for our citizens.

2018-04-10 20:00:27

hi Jerry, me again. you comment stating what you said "you’re losing the argument." is implying that you like arguments like I said I prefer debates and do like a healthy debate, the thing is I didn't get involved for "fame" or so I can shout about things "oh look what I done looked what we did blah blah blah" I got involved to help residents let's talk about that picnic area in the middle of town center, sorry I can not call it a playground, who's bright idea was it to put that there in the middle of night clubs and pubs? come on think about it logically here people come out of a pub/nightclub and see a "playground" and think let's have fun the fun gets out of hand and some damage caused, now would you want your children playing in there knowing that drunk people could have possibly damaged the equiptment? I certainly wouldn't, not to mention how many harlow residents was happy about how much was spent on them bog flowerpots that bill and Ben could hide in? I maybe new to all this however I have a good head on my shoulders and do watch and listen to what is going on, fair enough I like the idea people are trying to make harlow look nice, it destroyed what was once a well loved market square. Clearly you have proven my point when I said that Labour will argue with anyone that do not agree with them. have a nice day and remember keep smiling :)

2018-04-10 20:33:12

New to this politics thing are you, DJ? It's where people discuss and, yes, sometimes argue with one another, especially when the Conservative Party are destroying this country from the inside out and blaming it on the poor, disabled and needy. If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything. But yeah, keep smiling. Because it's not you that's scraping to get by, it's not you that can't feed your kids and it's not you that has to choose between heating and eating. The market area was a cause of concern even as the town was being built. Had you read the book Harlow: The Story of a New Town, you'd have seen Sir Fred Gibberd's opinions on it. So that's nothing new. Maverick? Did your parents not like you or something? UKIP eh? Are they still a thing? They're single issue party without a single issue. Did I say PFIs were a good thing? Non. This is why I back the policy to take the contracts back. And the House of Lords is a chamber overstuffed with charlatans, criminals and layabouts that should have been made an elected entity decades ago. Like royal honours, it harks back to the days of a colonialist, murderous empire and has no place in a modern society. Have I missed anything?

2018-04-10 20:48:22

Oh yeah, I missed the council tax thing. May 3rd will serve as a referendum on the council's policies. The Little Parndon and Hare Street by election was an early outrider and the thumping Labour victory could be a signpost to more gains next month. And guess what? The overwhelmingly negative campaign waged by the Tories and UKIP, which in the absence of any actual policy, seemed to centre around where the Labour candidate was born, was soundly beaten by the record of the Labour Council and efforts of activists in the town. Will they have learnt their lesson and will they think twice before staging the same unpleasantness? Don't bank on it.

2018-04-10 23:15:32

wow just wow, Jerry you clearly don't know who I am or what I've been through, I live in a 2 bedroom council property with 4 children and my wife so before you state that it's not me to deciding this or that you might want to get to know the facts first, as for the disabled comment please refrain from that as I have a son with a disability, the reason I keep on saying to smile because I've learnt a lot through my life time and if your smiling it's better than crying, I would rather walk around with a smile on my face rather than be grumpy like I see a lot of people at the counts, I won't say any names, you was new to politics once and it seems like you would of had the passion once apon a time, however it looks like you have lost that passion. just a quick question for you jerry, have you given up? because it seems like you have. I won't give up I will keep listening to the residents and I will fight for thier needs and that's what makes me a better person, Harlow residents come first. remember jerry keep on smiling :) Chris Ward toddbrook UKIP

2018-04-11 06:31:18

I think that if jfq was born a fish, he would spend most of his time on the river bank. Can't resist a bite at all and sundry. Well said DJ.

2018-04-11 13:21:27

thank you micky, I don't understand why he's trying to target me for being nice and tell him to keep smiling, as I said I maybe new to all this however I am very passionate about this town. I just hope others are too. Chris Ward toddbrook UKIP

2018-04-11 18:06:51

May 3rd... tick tock, tick tock... time's up for UKIP in Harlow...

2018-04-11 19:13:09

Jerry do you know how silly you look trying to pick fights with others? I mean come on we all know if labour gets in they would of made a bunch of promises they can't keep, I mean look at the pot holes for example, every year we hear yes labour will sort out the potholes, news flash jerry we still have those same potholes labour promised to sort out. however I do love getting labour leaflets through my door telling me that the labour candidate tried to knock on my door and I didn't awnser, funny really because I was sat feeding one of my daughters when that leaflet came through my door and there was no knock. keep smiling Jerry, I promise you, smile and you will get a smile back look grumpy and people judge you. :)

2018-04-14 07:16:32

Just noticed that Mz E Harvey is standing for Bush Fair, also, she's put her hat in the ring for nomination for the Parliamentary option too. Why doesn't she stand against the Tories where she lives, Churchgate Street ? Strikes me as a little odd. Smacks of opportunism, methinks.

2018-04-14 11:30:17

Just noticed that Mz E Harvey has tossed her hat in the ring to also stand for the Harlow Labour group in the next general election. Why doesn't she stand for her home patch, Churchgate Street in the upcoming council elections, instead of popping over to Bush Fair ? Behind the scenes activity or ? VOTE LABOUR at YOUR PERIL.

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