Plans for 172 homes at Burnt Mill roundabout

News / Thu 12th Apr 2018 am30 10:55am

Burnt Mill

PLANS for 172 homes at the Burnt Mill roundabout will be discussed at Harlow Council’s Plannign Committee on Wednesday night.

If passed, the application would see the demolition of existing motor dealership buildings and replacement with a development comprising 172 residential units, 1,155 Sq.m. of office floorspace and 159 Car Parking Spaces.

The meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Wednesday April 18th at the Civic Offices in the Water Gardens.


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2 Comments for Plans for 172 homes at Burnt Mill roundabout:

2018-04-14 10:03:32

The Harlow Alliance Party believe this will be a good test for Harlow Council's planning policy. Yourharlow has often reported on parking issues within the towns housing estates and has also picked up on the issue of office space being changed without the need for planning permission. Here they have an application to build 172 flats and offices, with only 159 car parking spaces. Surely it is not hard to see that parking problems will be the norm as soon as the homes have been built and how long will it be before the offices are converted to flats because there is no demand for offices anymore. As for the site itself, it is just metres away from probably the most congestedt roundabout in the town, which is set to get worse when Gilston Park is developed. The resulting traffic, noise and air pollution is surely not the right place to allow homes to be built, or at the very least not in these numbers. And who will occupy these flats anyway? Take a look at the website for the flats in the former Pearson building a few hundred yards away and you will see that they are being advertised in the Chinese language, presumably for overseas investors. The rush to build thousands of homes in and around Harlow is all about property and land investors and their share holders. Homes that are really needed for those who will never be able to afford to buy, and I don't mean those that are called 'affordable', will never be built on such sites. Harlow Council must ensure that any of it's land used in the future for housing development is used to provide homes which local people can afford to rent.

2018-04-15 13:42:36

According to everybody,most homes to-day have two plus cars. Great joy for the residents.

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