Ward by ward: Small margins in Great Parndon

News / Fri 13th Apr 2018 at 11:48am

HARLOW Labour have their eye on this one. Whilst they have their target seats (Bush Fair, Staple Tye), they also fancy their chances in a number of other seats in the district elections on May 3rd.

In 2014, Ukip won this seat by 76 votes. Perhaps of more interest was that the Conservatives beat Labour by just two votes.

By 2016, the Conservatives had won with Eddie Johnson getting 218 votes. On that occasion, Ukip polled 404 votes. As we now, since then, the Ukip voted has fallen off a cliff and so we can expect them to get less than 100 votes. Therefore, it may be a question of where will those 250 plus votes go?

In 2012, the Conservatives won by just 28 votes. So you get the feeling that this is going to be close. There is no doubt that Labour are working hard in the ward. The forensic approach by former leader Jon Clempner seems to have been replaced by relentless campaiging by a new breed of passionate socialists.

It will be interesting to see if issues such as the local plan come up. This is where Nicholas Taylor from the newly formed Harlow Alliance Party (HAP) may pick up votes. HAP have grave reservations about planning matters in Harlow. This election may be a year too early but they may be able to plant enough seeds of doubt in voters minds.

If the Tories aren’t careful they could lose this. Cllr Shona Johnson has a low profile in the chamber and may at the moment may be struggling to get out there.

YH prediction: Cons hold–Just

Interview with Labour candidate, Alan Jolley.

Name of Candidate

Shona Johnson Conservative
Allan Jolley Labour
Nicholas Taylor Harlow Alliance Party

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4 Comments for Ward by ward: Small margins in Great Parndon:

2018-04-13 16:48:15

Labour's candidate Allan Jolley impresses me greatly. A man with the skills and local knowledge to really make a difference in representing the ward. As we see here, Allan can think on his feet and has the ideas and suggestions to make a valuable addition to the council team. I think this one is a Labour gain.

2018-04-14 10:35:53

This just shows how biased against UKIP Your Harlow has become! We don't have a candidate in this ward! Apologies to our supporters in Great Parndon, but we lost a number of candidates due to family issues and new politically sensitive jobs. Interesting that Labour activist Jerry is impressed by a Labour candidate who was originally passed over as the candidate by Mr.Chelmsford, who is only the candidate cos Mr.Chelmsford became Cllr.Chelmsford by winning the Little Parndon By Election. Mark Gough, UKIP Staple Tye

m ingall
2018-04-14 13:42:13

Dear Mark Gough, I think you will find Harlow resident Chris Vince or Mr Chelmsford as you like to call him became a Councillor because he got 781 votes, that being 701 more votes than the UKIP candidate. I suspect one of the reasons UKIP did so badly is because voters in Harlow want a bit more from their representatives than negativity and unpleasantness. Chris on the other hand represented the Labour party's promise of hope for a better more inclusive future.

2018-04-14 19:11:35

Mark I am confused why you keep bringing up I come from Chelmsford when you lived there yourself as recently as 2015. Anyway I wish Alan the best of luck in May and will do what I can to support him.

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