Breathtaking aerial ballet at the Harvey Centre

Entertainment / Wed 18th Apr 2018 at 07:50am

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Studio 3 Aerial Academy Demonstration in the Harvey Centre on Saturday 7th April 2018.

ON Saturday 7th April, Harlow Playhouse’s Studio 3 Aerial Academy showed off their aerial skills, in The Harvey Centre, Harlow. This amazing aerial showcase wowed the passing audience and gave a glimpse into the work being nurtured and taught by the team at Premiere Aerial. The public were encouraged to join in and everyone thoroughly enjoyed their experience.

Harlow Playhouse enjoys a strong partnership with The Harvey Centre, coming together on projects such as Medea Electronica, the pop up venue and Hunt and Darton Cafe.

Manager Rory Davies said: “I’m delighted with how the demonstration went. I hope we gave the shoppers of The Harvey Centre a peak into what Studio 3 has to offer. We’d like to thank the Harvey Centre for allowing us to showcase the academy. Studio 3 underlines Harlow Playhouse’s commitment to health and wellbeing throughout the community and I hope this encourages people of all ages to come and give it a try.’’

Since 2017, Studio 3 Aerial Academy has been up and running at Harlow Playhouse. This gives people a chance to gain strength, increase fitness and flexibility, whilst building a solid foundation in the core aerial disciplines. Taking place on a Monday and Wednesday, studio 3 offers both daytime and evening classes, and a range of different courses and classes to suit all abilities and age ranges!

· 6-week academies in Aerial Net, Bungee, Aerial Hoop and Flying and Harness Skills for all ages.

· Get fit on your lunch break with one hour Bungee Cardio classes!

· Bungee Assisted Evening Dance – This one hour bungee cardio session will engage almost every muscle in your body and give you abs of steel.

Bryan Young, Centre Manager of The Harvey Centre said: “The aerial performances inside the centre were quite simply unbelievable – the skills and work ethic these performers have is really impressive. Our shoppers were absolutely amazed and I am really keen to explore more events like this with the Harlow Playhouse – so watch this space for further announcements!”

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