Harlow MP Launches Commons Enquiry on Special Educational Needs

News / Fri 20th Apr 2018 at 02:19pm

Halfon Fair

Harlow MP Launches Commons Enquiry on SEND

OVER the years, I have been contacted by many parents of children with special educational needs and disabilities in Harlow and the villages who have struggled to get the support they deserve. I work closely alongside charities like PACT for Autism and I am aware of rising concerns about the quality and access to SEND provision.

This week, as Chair of the House of Commons Education Select Committee, I launched an inquiry into SEND

One of the primary objectives of the Education Committee is to address social injustice in education. Understanding and addressing the challenges faced by children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities is an important part of this work.

Our Committee’s current inquiry into alternative provision has heard considerable evidence that children with special educational needs are disproportionately excluded from school and over-represented in alternative provision. During the course of our quality of apprenticeships and skills training inquiry we’ve also heard that with young people with SEND have faced significant barriers in accessing apprenticeships.

All children in Harlow and across the country deserve to access good quality education that meets their needs and supports them to learn to ensure that they are able to thrive and climb the ladder of opportunity.

If any Harlow and village residents would like to get in touch to share their experience or submit evidence to the enquiry. Please email me or visit the Education Select Committee website to make a submission online.

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2 Comments for Harlow MP Launches Commons Enquiry on Special Educational Needs:

2018-04-20 15:24:10

Well well well. Anyone would think there are elections coming up. All of this is to try to distract you from the developing Windrush scandal, which has got legs and will run and run. The Tories are past masters at cutting funding for state schools and state school children, presumably as a punishment for their parents not having the means to pay 20 grand a term. The Conservative Party simply do not have the capacity to understand what life is like for those that are at the disadvantaged end of the scale. They just give them an acronym (the Just About Managing of JAMs), put them in a box and forget about them until election time. Nothing can save Saint Theresa, whose political career died on the cross of the ballot paper last June. The only question is when she'll go.

tony edwards
2018-04-21 08:23:33

I am one of Robert Halfon's loudest critics with regard to funding for Schools but this initiative has to be given a chance to succeed. The Education Select Committee is a cross party committee (5 Cons, 5 Lab, 1 SNP). The debate about SEND and the required level of funding and support is of huge importance to thousands of our most vulnerable children and adults with learning disabilities. My hope is that this committee will talk to and take evidence from, parents, students and SEND practitioners; take an in depth look at the crisis in funding and at the post code lottery with regard to the "statementing process". And arrive at a position where it is able to achieve a cross party consensus and make recommendations that will be accepted by parliament as a whole, be implemented, and affect for the better the lives of generations to come. Labour Candidate Toddbrook Ward

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