Robert Halfon continues fight against Osler House Closure with six key questions for health bosses

News / Thu 26th Apr 2018 at 12:40pm


Robert Halfon Continues Fight Against Osler House Closure

AFTER meeting with the Harlow Common Residents Association last week, Robert Halfon has written to the the West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group (WECCG) to request answers to the following six concerns, most importantly, the lack of consultation.


Why are residents being told that the surgery is being closed for financial reasons when the WECCG has received year on year funding increases (receiving £371 million from the Government in 2016/17, a 6.32% funding increase from 2015/16; £382.6 million in 2017/18, a 2.96% funding increase from 2016/17; and will receive £393.89 million in their 2018/2019 budget, a further funding increase of 2.95%), had a budget surplus of £7.6m for the year 2016/17 and is expected to have a further surplus in 2017/2018?


Why was the impression given that a GP prepared to operate Olser House could not be found when I have an email from a current GP confirmed that he was never approached about continuing to offer GP surgeries at the premises? Further more, I have also been made aware that other Harlow surgeries had been prepared to operate a satellite surgery from the branch but this idea had not been taken forward.


There are no direct bus services to any of the nominated surgeries and there are many elderly patients at Osler House. What is the WECCG doing about the accessibly of alternative surgeries and did they take this into account when making the decision to close Osler House?


I have been made aware by numerous constituents that there are still issues with the registration of patients with many reporting that some of the other surgeries have closed their books. Additionally, patients at other surgeries are concerned that they will now found it even more difficult to get appointments with the influx of patients? What is the WECCG doing to address this?


How will the patients data be transferred to the new surgeries and what will happen to the servers which currently hold their information?


The lack of consultation with myself, residents and the council still remains a big concern. I understand that (under the National Health Service Act 2006) CCGs have a legal duty to ensure that individuals to whom the services are being provided are involved

(a) in the planning of the commissioning arrangements by the group;

(b) in the development and consideration of proposals by the group for changes in the commissioning arrangements where the implementation of the proposals would have an impact on the manner in which the services are delivered to the individuals or the range of health services available to them, and;

(c) in decisions of the group affection the operation of the commissioning arrangements where the implementation of the decisions would (if made) have such an impact.

Could the CCG advice how they have followed these guidelines in the closure of Olser House?

YH has contacted the CCG to elicit a reponse.

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5 Comments for Robert Halfon continues fight against Osler House Closure with six key questions for health bosses:

tony edwards
2018-04-26 13:44:37

Good to see Robert Halfon now taking up the cudgels - and raising the questions first asked by Maggie Hulcoop. This is a bit more like it and very different from Councillor Michael Hardware's initial response to Your Harlow - see below " this is nothing to do with the Conservatives or funding the NHS, it is a decision taken by the company which runs Osler House. The West Essex CCG is trying to do its best in the circumstances", Labour Candidate Toddbrook

2018-04-26 16:31:36

I think that the residents of Potter Street will be very interested to learn that other surgeries have been prepared to provide a satellite service from Osler House but this has not been taken forward. This idea was suggested by The Harlow Alliance Party some weeks ago whilst neither of the two main political parties had any positive solution to the closure of Osler House. What we need to know now is ..... who has not taken this forward? The company who have bailed out cannot be involved in this decision, we are told that funding is available, the building is still there and other surgeries are willing to take up the space. Who or what is stopping this proposal? Nicholas Taylor Harlow Alliance Party Candidate, Great Parndon

2018-04-26 16:54:16

He's asking questions at last, but Bob is once again late to the party. He was welcome, as were all Tories, to join the protest outside Osler House weeks ago. CCGs were created as part of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and it's a decades old Tory trick: privatise or create a quango style group for a public service then, when it all goes wrong, usually when you defund something like the NHS to suit your privatisation agenda, wash your hands of it and say it's not your fault If only there was a politician representing Harlow at that time that could have voted against such a bill... But, as Theresa May said to that nurse, "there's no magic money tree". Except for tax cuts for Tory donors. And for aircraft carriers with no aircraft on 'em. And for a Trident missile system that we'll never use. And on and on and on...

2018-04-26 19:47:03

Conveniently forgotten about PFI. Usual format everybody. V L a y P.

2018-04-26 20:47:26

We have to stop meeting like this, Micky. People will start to talk...

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