Robert Halfon secures debate in House of Commons on future hospital in Harlow

News / Thu 31st May 2018 pm31 04:40pm

ROBERT Halfon MP to debate future of Harlow’s hospital following joint letter to Health Secretary

On Tuesday 5 June, Robert Halfon MP will bring a debate to the House of Commons on the future of the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow.

This is part of Robert’s ongoing campaign for capital funding for a new hospital in Harlow. The campaign is supported by key health organisations and a number of other Members of Parliament representing neighbouring constituencies.

Robert wrote to the Health Secretary this week alongside his colleagues to raise, once again, the pressing need for a new hospital in Harlow. The following MPs co-signed the letter:

Charles Walker MP
Mark Prisk MP
Eleanor Laing MP
Kemi Badenoch MP
The Rt Hon Priti Patel MP
Alex Burghart MP

Robert said: ” ‘Protecting Our NHS’ has been one of my priorities since becoming MP and this debate is an absolutely vital part of my campaign to ensure that healthcare in Harlow is fit for the 21st Century.

Due to changes to NHS services in neighbouring towns, and Harlow’s growing population, the Princess Alexandra serves a huge number of patients. The failing infrastructure means that the hardworking staff are finding it increasingly difficult to care for residents of Harlow and the surrounding area.

In our letter to the Health Secretary, I and other local MPs made clear that there continues to be a vital and pressing need for the development of a new health campus in Harlow. During the debate, I will raise this with Health Ministers and press for capital funding to make it a reality.”

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8 Comments for Robert Halfon secures debate in House of Commons on future hospital in Harlow:

2018-05-31 17:23:21

Anyone that thinks the future of the NHS is safe in the hands of this bunch of discredited con artists is delusional in the extreme. This is a party who said they wouldn't cut the NHS and lied, said they wouldn't introduce the unwanted and disastrous top down reorganisation of our heth service and lied. A party that has presided over the worst waiting times on record, patients dying in hospital corridors and nurses on such low pay that they have to go to food banks. Why aren't they having a debate about that? Because they're rightly ashamed of their record. Amy other prime minister would have sacked Jeremy Hunt by now, but Theresa May is so pathetically weak that even if she had the Yorkshire Ripper in her Cabinet she still wouldn't be able to fire him. On the NHS, as on any other issue, never ever trust a Tory.

2018-05-31 18:29:27

Isn't it funny how when there are stories such as this on Your Harlow, Harlow Conservatives are rarely seen to comment. That they're content instead to take chidlish cheap shots at the new leader of the council tells you all you need to know about their kind of politics. Could it be that they're ashamed about the Tory record on the health service? Why, a report out just today detailed their catastrophic failings including: The combined deficit for hospitals was more than twice what was feared. Over 2600 patients were waiting more than a year for operations, a 75% increase on the previous year. Just 88% of patients were seen within four hours at A & E, well below the 95% in the NHS mandate. The staff budget overspend was £1.5 billion, a direct result of the public sector pay freeze imposed by this government. The amount of cash spent per patient being frozen at 2009 levels. The Conservatives are presiding over the worst performing period for the health service since the last time they were in government. This is not a coincidence. This is an agenda which they have used before with other privatised public services: defund, denigrate and hollow out then ultimately say the concern is "better off private", and their pals in the private health industry, which an indecent amount of Tory MPs have links to, hoover up what is rightfully ours. This is their dogma. This is their heartless ideological zealotry played out time after time, decade after decade. It's the same old story. It's the same old Tories.

2018-06-01 05:54:23

More vitriolic comment and insults, from the king of the trolls, the swerve and serve disciple of the marxist moment. Remember PFI. Why should we be insulted?

2018-06-01 11:35:20

PFI was a mistake. You're as hopelessly confused as ever, how can I be both a Marxist and support something that pays the private sector over the odds for public buildings? Here we see the heartless Tory policy in action, by our myopic friend here. They think it's insulting to point out their failures. Tell that to someone waiting over a year for an operation. Or to someone in a hospital corridor unable to sleep. You know where Princess Alexandra Hospital is. Get on down there now and say it's insulting to point out their struggles in a health service at breaking point under this shambolic excuse for a government.

2018-06-02 06:40:20

Like all socialists/marxists, you're two faced and prone to loss of memory. Considering that our hospitals were built on the basis of two point four children,per family, it all went pear shaped when Bliar and Brown allowed hundreds of thousands of immigrants into the UK, who generally produced far more children than the indigenous population. We're now reaping the disaster,made by them, because of their attempt to garner votes, then, and for the future.

2018-06-02 08:28:09

And there we have it. It's all about the immigrants, right Micky? Scratch the surface and the old prejudices come out. This abhorrent attitude that migrants are to blame for every ill of society has never had any place in our country. Immigrants are net contributors to our economy and therefore our NHS. If this Tory government, rampantly intent on privatisation, can't spend that money properly and would rather give tax breaks to their donors what hope is there? Under 13 years of Labour government, waiting times were down, waiting times for operations were down and funding was at the highest level in NHS history. Under this government all that has been destroyed.

2018-06-02 11:27:13

Any excuse to shift the blame of the Bliar disasters on to anybody else. Whose in denial then ? Get the extreme lefties out on the street and bully everybody who dis- agrees. Drive the wealthy out and what happens then? When labour were in office it was, strikes, strikes, and more strikes. The car industry busted by RED ROBBO and his band of thugs, the docks, always on strike. British Rail , they were a joke. Who introduced the monster computer that was going to revolutionise the NHS? At what cost to the tax payer. Deny and squirm as much as you like, it doesn't wash with me.

2018-06-02 18:45:44

Stay on topic, do you think immigrants are to blame for everything? We should be told. Come on Micky, not like you to be shy...

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