St Luke’s Academy highly praised by Ofsted

Education: Primary / Thu 7th Jun 2018 at 08:22am

St Lukes

ST LUKE’S Catholic Academy has been highly praised by Ofsted after a recent inspection by the government inspectors.

They visited the school in May 2018 and have published the report today (Thursday June 7th).

The school has been rated overall as Good.

The report states

School leaders, including governors, have a clear vision for raising standards. This has ensured that there is a strong commitment across the school for improving pupils’ outcomes.

Rigorous systems for tracking and monitoring pupils’ progress are ensuring that pupils at risk of falling behind are identified quickly and effectively supported to keep up with others.

Effective leadership in early years ensures that children make good progress from their different starting points.

Consequently, they leave Reception as confident learners ready for Year 1.

Due to strong leadership in mathematics, attainment for current pupils has consistently exceeded national expectations by the end of key stage 1.

The precise, effective support and care for pupils who have special educational needs (SEN) and/or disabilities ensures that these pupils make good progress.

Leaders’ precise focus on improving the quality of teaching and learning in reading, particularly in key stage 2, has ensured that current pupils are making good progress.

Pupils achieve well in writing. This is because teachers have consistently high expectations of pupils’ work. These expectations are reflected in the wide range of high-quality and well- presented writing across the school.

Pupils are polite and respectful to adults and their peers. Behaviour in lessons is good and pupils demonstrate positive attitudes to learning.

The teaching of reading along with phonics is now a strength in the school. Despite this, there is a lack of opportunity to encourage and promote a love of independent reading.

Teachers do not always use assessment information precisely enough to sufficiently stretch and challenge the most able pupils.

Middle leaders, new in post, have clear actions to improve outcomes in their subject areas. However, it is too early to see the full impact of their work.

Teaching and learning in mathematics is ensuring that current pupils in key stage 2 are making good progress.

However, teachers are not yet providing enough regular opportunities to help pupils gain a deeper level of understanding.

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