Boom! Passmores’ student Zara’s film stretches possibility of science

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Students Stretch the Possibilities in Science

A FRESH approach to homework is proving to be a successful way to inspire students at Passmores Academy. ‘Student Agency in Learning’, otherwise known as SAIL, offers a range of project-based learning initiatives which students can choose from for themselves. One talented student who is making the most of the opportunity is budding scientist, Zara Man. Zara has produced some astounding examples of work, including labelled crochet models of bacteria and viruses, a website about genetic conditions, and perhaps most impressively, a stop-motion film which demonstrates the impact of plastics in our oceans.


Zara said: ‘I find science really interesting and it’s a subject I can really push myself in. Having a choice of work means that I can be more creative and find different ways to explain things. Designing a website was part of the project so I used this to show what the impact of plastic is in our seas. When I made the crocheted bacteria, I tried out different designs first to see how I could make it. I thought that crochet might be something that no one else had done’.

The SAIL approach in science lessons has reportedly transformed the way students are learning. The choice of four different activities for each concept taught caters to all students’ abilities and allows them to stretch themselves with a range of creative possibilities.

Head of Key Stage 3 Science, Anita Schultschik said: ‘SAIL helps the really able students to go further and some of them get really creative. But it also supports students of differing abilities because although they are still being challenged, they don’t feel the pressure of producing something which has a right or wrong answer. We have found that students can take more ownership of their learning and this has produced some fantastic outcomes’.

Zara’s stop-motion film entitled, ‘The BoomPlastic Revenge’ can be viewed by accessing the following link:



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