Wonderful weekend at the Gibberd Garden Beer Festival

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ALE and cider fanatics mingled with casual drinkers, families and patrons of The Gibberd Gardens to form a heady brew and a fantastic atmosphere.

CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) representative and local historian David Devine said: “I’ve been a member of CAMRA since 1978, and this is the most important event of the year for us, and also for the gardens. Its the winning combination of a perfectly sized beer festival and a truly wonderful venue.

Some people come for the beer and cider and end up discovering the gardens, and some people came for the gardens and end up discovering the beer.”

The festival does have more on offer than great views and an exceptional excuse to get drunk. Each year the second day of the festival co-incides with Father’s Day and the emphasis is much more on a great day out for families rather than the alcohol.

Festival Organiser Brendan Southcott said: “What you get Saturday is a lot of beer and cider consumption. On Sunday there are a lot more families and a lot less drinking. This year we have ferret racing, a childrens storyteller and other fun and games on offer to make sure it is a great day out for the whole family.”

With no kebab shops in sight, food for the day was provided by Shaws Butchers, whose yearly barbeque at the Festival showed no signs of running out of steam.

Bill Machie and Cherith Lowry taking care of business

Butcher Bill Machie said: “All burgers and sausages here are made ourselves, and what you get in our shop is exactly what you get here. We thoroughly enjoy the weekend we are pitched up here, and as long as the organisers are happy to have us then we will be here year after year.”

A tribute to former CAMRA branch member and festival worker Ray Brown, who passed away six months ago, sat proudly alongside many of the ales and ciders that Ray had served and sampled during his time as a festival worker and attendee.

As the biggest fundraiser of the year for The Gibberd Gardens, the representatives and patrons were incredibly grateful for the support from new and returning customers, and were also happy to offer verbal support at the end of the day to those struggling to make their way to the exit.

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