Harlow Council unapologetic over garden waste charges

News / Wed 27th Jun 2018 at 06:02am

HARLOW Council has remained unapologetic after it was revealed that they have the highest charges in the country for collecting waste.

Councillor Danny Purton, Portfolio Holder for Environment, said: “The Council is not required to offer any garden waste collection service.

“We do encourage residents to home compost as much of their green waste as possible. Any waste that cannot be composted can be disposed of free of charge at the local recycling facility, run by Essex County Council.

“Residents who would like to book a garden waste collection can do so for as little as 95p a bag

“If residents choose to subscribe to a wheelie bin based premium service, for £96 for a whole year they will get a collection every fortnight all year round, including their real Christmas tree in January.

“Green waste collected as part of Harlow Council’s collection service is taken to a County Council facility for composting.”


Original article
HARLOW Council has the highest charge for collecting council waste in the country reports the BBC.

UK councils are charging almost £74m a year between them for garden waste collection.

Data collected by BBC One’s Rip Off Britain revealed that more than half of councils had introduced charges.

Residents’ green waste was previously paid for through the council tax by most local authorities.

The Local Government Association said councils were forced to charge because they face a £5bn shortfall in funding from central government.

Rip Off Britain gathered responses under the Freedom of Information Act from 322 of the 326 UK local authorities responsible for waste collection. It found that 172 charged to pick up garden waste.

The total charges for green waste collection have risen from £42.3m in 2014-15 to £56.9m in 2015-16, the data showed.

And in 2016-17, the charges hit a total of £73.9m.

Presenter Gloria Hunniford said: “While clearly some of our viewers are unhappy their garden waste is no longer taken away for free, the results of our survey show it’s unlikely that’s going to change any time soon.

“And with further councils set to introduce such charges, even more of us will need to get used to paying to have our grass clippings taken away.”

A spokesman for the Local Government Association said that local councils had been forced to introduce charges because of cuts to funding by central government.

“Councils in England face an overall funding gap that will exceed £5bn by 2020,” he said.

“Some councils were able to provide free garden waste services when they were first introduced but are now having to charge to reflect the growing cost of providing a collection service.”

The charges for green waste collection represent an average cost to residents of £42.40 a year.

But the programme found that prices vary hugely. Harlow in Essex had the highest average cost at £96 a year, followed by Arun in West Sussex at £86 a year.

The lowest average costs were £18 a year in Monmouthshire and £22 a year in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

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2 Comments for Harlow Council unapologetic over garden waste charges:

2018-06-27 11:11:49

Well said, Danny. Cutting the misinformation and fake news right to the quick with some home truths. Can anyone tell me who "Gloria Hunniford" is?

2018-06-27 11:24:13

And what, pray tell, should the council apologise for? What have they done wrong? I fully expect a statement from Bandwagon Bob soon. I mean, it's not like he's ever used taxpayers money for something that is actually wrong is it..

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