Passmores students make their own judgement on the law

Education: Secondary / Wed 4th Jul 2018 at 01:48pm

Passmores students make their own judgement on the law

A trip to Chelmsford Crown Court provided an insight into the realities of the criminal justice system for thirteen Year 9 students from Passmores Academy earlier this month.

The students, who are all studying GCSE Citizenship, had the opportunity to meet court ushers and prison officers and were allowed to observe live court proceedings.

Student, Mia Ginn said: ‘We watched a good presentation on how the legal process works, and got to see the cells and the bus which brings the defendants in. We saw the food they are given while staying there and learnt about how they can only be held there for as long as the court proceedings are going on. Also, we got to go into four courtrooms and observe the different cases. One of the trials was for a stabbing – we saw the defendant and that was pretty shocking. A career as a lawyer interests me, but it was really good to see the other job roles as well and get a taster of what goes on there.’

Passmores teacher, Claire Le Dain, who accompanied the students said: ‘They were quite shocked at how serious and formal the courtroom was, but they were very mature and learnt how to conduct themselves, such as not entering a courtroom when the judge is talking. In fact, the students’ behaviour was outstanding – they really were great ambassadors for Passmores’.

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