Caridon Property unveils its latest development, Terminus House

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Caridon Property unveils its latest development, Terminus House

Caridon Property, a property management and residential property specialist, is thrilled to announce the grand opening of its latest development, Terminus House.

Based in Harlow, the project, which has been two years in the making, opened its doors to the first tenants in mid-April. The property consists of 200 one and two bedroom apartments, which boast excellent transport links to London, Liverpool St Station and Stansted Airport, as well as being located close to a thriving and buzzing shopping centre.


Caridon Property is just one of the companies that make up The Caridon Group. Founded in 2009, Caridon Group develops high-quality homes in both the private and social sectors as well as offering rental and management services. This is Caridon’s second development in the area, with the first being Templefields House, which houses a mixture of private and social tenants. It was this property which first granted Caridon the opportunity to work in partnership with Harlow Council in supplying temporary accommodation for tenants with priority need.

Mario Carrozzo, CEO of Caridon Group, said: “The communities in which we invest are very important to us and we feel it is important to align our strategies to our key stakeholders, with the community being one of our highest priorities.”

Caridon now owns and manages approximately 400 properties in Harlow and they are keen to be part of the future progression of the town, through the provision of good quality housing. As well as this, Caridon is keen to provide not just good quality housing, but also to help employment in the area, with the engagement of local businesses, working with local maintenance contractors and furniture suppliers.

It is clear that Caridon has tried to think about all aspects of their tenants’ future, with ground floor and lift access across the building, to cater to those with small families and mobility issues, to partnerships with Harlow College for educational support. They have even thought about parking, with their partnership with U Park (a secure car parking company), so that residents and shoppers can make use of the car parking facilities with preferential rates for residents.

Mario added: “We have already invested in the surrounding areas, by improving the condition of the bridge leading to the building that was previously full of graffiti and broken windows. Caridon wants to be part of driving positive change and progression in the town. We are just getting started with our plans in Harlow, as we have exciting plans to develop the land around the building, to incorporate green community spaces and retail areas.”

Caridon have produced inspiring architectural designs that would overhaul the entire area and car park surrounding Terminus House with the creation of open aired outdoor green space with good access and amenities aiming to create a thriving community.

The building is now fully occupied with a range of tenants settled into their new homes. If you are interested in registering as an applicant for the waiting list, please contact 0203 958 0290 or visit

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DSS welcome.

2018-07-13 15:26:54

True jarrett. Very expensive too,from what I hear. £600 per month for one bedroom accommodation,ouch.

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