St James Church flushed with success over Twin Toilet scheme with Zambia

Lifestyle / Sun 15th Jul 2018 at 10:07am

AT Children’s Church at St James Staple Tye the children made toilet money boxes, which they took home and placed in their bathrooms.

Family members were invited to put a coin into the toilet money box whenever they needed to use the real toilet.

When the money boxes were handed back in and money counted up it came to a whopping £95.36. The money was sent off to Toilet Twinning.

The idea behind Toilet Twinning is that groups or individuals can “twin” their toilet at home, at school or at church with a toilet in the developing world.

The money raised by toilet twinning enables people in communities which don’t have a toilet and so are at risk of illness caused by poor hygiene, to build a toilet of their own.

This results in better health, and the children are able to spend more time in school. The toilet at St James is now twinned with a toilet in Zambia, and a certificate and photo of their twinned toilet will be displayed on their toilet wall!

A spokesperson said: “Very well done to all the children and families for their fundraising! Having learned that lots of people in the world don’t have a toilet I think we have a greater appreciation for what we have, and we are very glad to have been able to help other people to have a toilet too”


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