Robert Halfon campaigns to keep Netteswellbury Farm common room open for residents

News / Fri 3rd Aug 2018 pm31 04:06pm

Robert Halfon campaigns to keep Netteswellbury Farm common room open for residents

RECENTLY, Robert Halfon, MP for Harlow, visited Netteswellbury Farm to speak to residents concerned about the future use of the common room.

Residents have used the room for over 20 years and hold community events, celebrations and meetings there, as well as using it as a day room. They initially contacted Robert to express their shock and sadness following news that access to the facility could be curtailed or lost altogether.

Harlow Education Consortium (HEC) is in talks with Harlow Council to include the common room into their lease, making HEC the gatekeeper of common room use. The Manager of HEC has stated that this would allow “some degree of continued access” for residents.

Robert Halfon said: “The residents are anxious and stressed about this situation. I believe it is completely unacceptable to take this facility away from the residents.

I am very concerned that a group of elderly residents seem to be being pressured into giving up their communal facility. It seems clear to me that the proposed use would be incompatible with the lives of the residents. More importantly, the loss of the communal area could very well isolate some of the more vulnerable locals.

I have written to the Managing Director of Harlow Council and I will continue to campaign against the changes.”

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4 Comments for Robert Halfon campaigns to keep Netteswellbury Farm common room open for residents:

2018-08-03 17:45:53

Bandwagon Bob's at it again. Let's look at this voting record on some things that would concern users of such a service... Well he's consistently voted against higher benefits for people unable to work due to illness or disability. He's almost always voted for a reduction in welfare benefits. He's consistently voted for reducing central government cash for local government. He's almost always voted against more powers for local councils. This is a biggie, he's consistently voted for phasing out secure tenancies for life. On and on it goes... https://www.theyworkforyou.com/mp/24784/robert_halfon/harlow/votes

2018-08-04 10:31:04

Does not matter what politics one follows its the principle of not taking away a valued facility from elderly residents. Well done Robert for standing up for these elderly residents rights from a non conservative voter.

2018-08-04 14:27:05

Of course it matters what an MP does and what he says, particularly if the two are often different as with Bandwagon Bob.

Dave Whitney
2018-08-07 12:18:00

Even the late "Rev Dr" Ian Paisley was apparently a good constituency MP.

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