Laura McAlpine responds to Halfon’s vow to ‘clamp down on potholes’.

Communities / Sat 17th Nov 2018 at 09:08am

HARLOW Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate, Laura McAlpine, has responded to the Your Harlow article “Harlow MP vows to ‘clamp down on potholes’” posted earlier this week.

Mr. Halfon had urged local residents to report any potholes to the Council and stated: “Our town and road infrastructure is riddles with potholes, and i want this to change. Small white van businesses and motorists depend on good roads.”

In response, Laura McAlpine said: “Robert Halfon now wants to talk about Harlow’s potholes? He has had absolutely nothing to say whilst local councillors, local Labour Party members and the Leader of the council, Mark Ingall, have had running battles with the Tory County Council, in some cases for more than 3 years, regarding the shocking state of our roads. (In the interests of fairness, I have to observe that this has even been an issue where Labour and UKIP councillors have found common ground). The only voices missing from the increasing call of demands for action since 2015 has been those of Robert Halfon and the local Tories.

Ms. McAlpine (pictured at a Labour led demonstration on Southern Way) has branded Robert Halfon ‘late to the party’ on the issue of tackling potholes in Harlow.

“Robert may have missed the Labour led demonstrations on Southern Way (which I took part in), the leader of the Council’s video of the worst potholes in Harlow, or the countless previous attempts by Labour councillors to convince Essex County Council to commit to action. He may not even know about ECC Highways simply not turning up to speak with concerned residents and local councillors last March.
“It is frankly an insult to the people of Harlow that Robert Halfon imagines this kind of ‘late to the party’ populist bandwagon jumping is not easily recognised for what it is – a brazen attempt to insert himself into an issue on which I, the people of Harlow, Harlow Council, as well as other parties with the exception of the Tories, have been battling Essex County Council for whilst Robert ‘looked the other way’. Now that some Government funding has been announced, he sees an opportunity to claim credit for something he has roundly ignored for years. How gullible does he think the voters of Harlow are?”

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4 Comments for Laura McAlpine responds to Halfon’s vow to ‘clamp down on potholes’.:

2018-11-17 13:47:04

Perhaps you haven't noticed Laura ? R H has been working very hard to bring new business to Harlow , as well as trying to badger the government to supply us with a NEW Hospital. I think that he has his priorities in the right order, so instead of constantly whingeing about any, and everything, be a bit more positive, just for a change.

2018-11-19 17:16:45

Obviously, Laura Whoever, you actually don't have a clue as to what causes, or why, pot-holes occur. You may wish to contemplate the damage caused by HGV's. Just pop along to the M11, and take note of the inside lane,which most heavy traffic uses, and check the amount of wear and tear, then have a look at the outside lane and see the difference. Not forgetting that these lorries have no corners to turn, therefore, no massive crushing of the tarmac, but the wear on these roads is very noticeable. As I've commented before, all HGV traffic, over 7.5 tonnes, should be banned from local roads and re-directed, through Edinburgh Way. So, I suggest that you have a chat with your colleagues and work out some traffic control and regulation. "brazen attempt" etc, rubbish, bottom of the barrel comment to denigrate a very hard working MP. Ah! a whiff of MOMENTUM.

2018-11-21 14:13:54

You had three of the four County Councillors up until the last County Election, and they did precisely nothing! Do Harlow a favour - don't vote Labour!!!

2019-04-14 08:13:40

so then laura theres no pot holes in labour contstituences then? and theres never been any ever. Im not sure if your distant relative was the chap who lived in stackfield or that area ..but i knew him and he was a decent engineer, you dont seem to have inherited his engineering knowledge,and since when has labour ever helped working people? the only decent help they have ever had is when thatcher flogged them their council houses.

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