Labour’s Laura urges Harlow residents to sign libraries petition

News / Fri 30th Nov 2018 am30 05:09am

LAURA McAlpine, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate Encourages Harlow Residents to Have Their Say in Libraries Consultation

As of today, Essex County Council have begun a 12 week consultation to close 25 libraries across Essex, including Harlow’s own Mark Hall and Tye Green. Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate Laura McAlpine is encouraging residents in Harlow to voice their concerns over the library closures.

Laura McAlpine said: “Conservative controlled Essex County Council are pushing ahead with this consultation, despite the concerns voiced by local residents who have signed our petition against the closures.

“If you believe, as I do, that these two libraries play a crucial role in the day to day lives of our community: providing learning resources, a place for people to meet, assisting with complex needs, preventing social isolation and providing internet access for both school children and adults in our community, then it is vital that you have your say.

“Only with the support of the residents of Harlow, can we hope to save these two libraries from becoming the latest victims to cruel Conservative cuts”.

You can give your feedback in the consultation here: https://surveys.essexinsight.org.uk/TakeSurvey.aspx?#

If you want to help us save the libraries from closure, then please sign Laura’s ‘Save Our Libraries’ petition here: http://www.harlowlabourparty.org/save-harlow-libraries/

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5 Comments for Labour’s Laura urges Harlow residents to sign libraries petition:

2018-11-30 07:33:42

Truth is, nothing has yet been decided. Propaganda from the usual sources which Mrs Laura ? is more than happy to circulate.

tony edwards
2018-11-30 22:16:09

Went to a Consultation meeting today where it became clear that Great Parndon Library is also under a potential threat of closure as it has been designated a tier three library. To quote from the Essex County Council website Tier 3 libraries are in locations where the council considers that it is not necessary to provide library services in order to meet its statutory duty but where it nonetheless believes there would be benefit in providing library services if suitable arrangements could be made with the community. .....If we cannot find a community organisation and, if the council’s financial position remains difficult then closure would be one option we would consider.

tony edwards
2018-12-01 20:42:15

And just in case there is any doubt with regards to the ECC proposal for Mark Hall and Tye Green Libraries which are designated as Tier 4. A direct quote from the Essex County Council website "ECC intends to withdraw service from tier 4 locations, on the basis that because of relatively low demand, the availability of other services and considering the community served, a library service is not required in these locations as part of the comprehensive library service offer".

2018-12-02 07:00:44

Exactly ! As the old saying goes, "use it or lose it ".

2018-12-04 18:50:00

So Tony, what's the Labour Parties answer to these closures ..... an increase in taxes, finding money from other ECC budgets (in which case, what other services would be cut) seeking, more money from Central Government (but if given would libraries be a high priority). The Harlow Alliance Party are pleased to see that our suggestion that Harlow Council provide a local contact point in the neighbourhood libraries (thus sharing the cost with ECC) has been taken up by the council serving Dunmow, where a council housing officer is based. Applicants for a whole host of councils services who do not have access to the internet could be helped to complete forms, report repairs to their homes and many other things without having to visit or telephone the Civic Offices Such a move would also increase footfall to the neighbourhood shopping centres to the benefit of shopkeepers.

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