Hundreds of children in Harlow face Christmas homeless

News / Thu 6th Dec 2018 at 07:04am

CLOSE to 400 children in Harlow face being homeless this Christmas claims a report from Shelter.

The report, published this week, records 376 children in Harlow being categorised as homeless and living in temporary accomodation.

This is the highest rate in Essex with Basildon second.

More than 130,000 children across Great Britain will spend Christmas in temporary accommodation in total.

Greg Beales, director of campaigns at Shelter, said: “The increasing number of children hidden away in hostels and B&Bs is enough to make anyone’s heart sink. These are not places for children. We hear about cold, damp – even rats.

“Young children are sharing beds with multiple family members, trying to play in dirty public corridors, and having to leave their block in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.”

Many of the children may be living in the new offices converted into flats that have sprung up around Harlow over the last two years.

YH will be interviewing Harlow Council’s portfolio holder for Housing, cllr Mark Wilkinson on Thursday evening.


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3 Comments for Hundreds of children in Harlow face Christmas homeless:

2018-12-06 15:49:17

Due to the CONSERVATIVE Government hell bent on requiring Councils to agree to the building of thousands of privately owned homes whilst not allowing councils to build homes for rent (just 3% of the total this year), the CONSERVATIVE Government relaxing planning law which has allowed offices to be converted to flats, often in highly unsuitable areas, LABOURS Harlow Council sitting on it's hands since 2014 and failing to issue the relevant notice which would likely to have meant that many such conversions would never have taken place, (Mostly) LABOUR Councils in London placing their homeless families in towns like Harlow, Harlow's LABOUR Council using former offices to house homeless families. All ends up with a recipe for disaster. How many of these families and individuals will see any difference when all these new homes to be built around Harlow are built, the answer is virtually none.

2018-12-07 10:06:35

I wonder how much revenue is paid to Harlow council for this nasty method of disposing of problems ?

2018-12-08 10:25:53

I am afraid you have the wrong end of the stick this time Mickey .... if only Harlow Council and Essex County Council were receiving money from other Council's then at least this would go some way to help them pay for providing school places and other services which have almost overnight been thrust on these two Councils. London Boroughs and others pay landlords of these office conversions thousands of pounds in addition to rent guarantees to take homeless families into such accommodation, and these payments are made each time a new family moves in. It is a cash cow for these landlords which is why so many have entered this market. It is a sad conclusion (one of many) to the failed housing policies of both main political parties over the last 40 years.

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