Harlow children given special passport to open door to new life experiences.

Burnt Mill Academy / Mon 7th Jan 2019 at 10:14am

HARLOW children have been given a special passport to open the door to new life experiences.

Every pupil at Little Parndon Primary Academy, in Harlow, has their own Community Values Passport.

The passport lists various tasks they are to complete at each age to ensure they have a wealth of knowledge and experience before they start secondary school.

Kirstie Clark, co-head of school, said: “We are always looking to help our children to gain life experiences while they are with us at school. Instead of homework always focusing on English and maths, we are setting challenges for pupils to complete at home with their families, too.

“Not all children have these life experiences outside of school, so we are trying to give them access to as many as possible.

“The idea is that by the time they reach secondary school, they will have had a variety of cultural, social and moral experiences.”

The passport challenges pupils to jump in puddles, tie their own shoe laces, raise money for charity, go pond-dipping, den building and search for bugs, among other things.

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