Church Langley resident asks Harlow Council “Where’s the money?”

News / Sat 30th Mar 2019 at 11:16am

A CHURCH Langley resident has asked Harlow Council to detail what money is available for improvement around the housing estate.

Nicola Purse asked a number of questions to the portfolio holder, cllr Mike Danvers.

The full exchange can be seen below.

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7 Comments for Church Langley resident asks Harlow Council “Where’s the money?”:

2019-03-30 20:01:18

It's all gone towards the increase in their monthly Allowances.

2019-03-31 11:40:50

DPI could I suggest you listen to the excellent reply from the cabinet member. He gave clear reassurances that the funds are reported each year and have been used for key community facilities and activities. He advised the speaker that other money could be available via a business plan. He encourage the local Tory councillors to assist in the design of the business plan to enable change to occur. Therefore your UKIP comment is a mis direction of the truth and may be more about local elections rather than the real facts over this good question asked at cabinet. Credit for the lady for asking the question. Have a good day.

2019-03-31 12:58:58

Durcan,It's a good point though. What is the money going towards apart from councillors allowance and I want a answer, because despite the council Tax going every year since your party was elected in back in 2012, 7 times by you and your including this year.the residents of Harlow are still not receiving a decent service. Like all these restrictions that are being put in place to stop people parking on the grass verges, which I agree with but the Labour administration party, should of created more parking before putting the restrictions in place. Common sense comes into it. Or could it be that this Labour administration party is just trying to make the Harlow residents life's hell. It's on for some of you fellow councillors who love in properties with massive big off street parking facilities. Your party are very prone to breaking promises but then anything for votes ah.

2019-03-31 13:20:41

The residents of Harlow have had to put up with increases in their council tax 7 years in a row now, 6 times by you and the Labour administration party here in Harlow. So come on where has the money gone?

2019-03-31 14:04:14

Afternoon Dan hope your keeping well. Is your reference to parking is about the new very nice wooden posts running alongside your home being installed currently. Whilst I totally agree about the challenges around parking this effects pedestrian not just the driver . it’s simply not acceptable for driver to feel it ok to drive over the pavement and parking on the grass area. Which was happening in your estate. They are breaking up the pavement and causing damage to the landscape. It’s not reasonable to expect pedestrians to have to walk around the Cars and work vans. There is a simple truth that we don’t have enough parking spaces but destroying pathways and vital green wedges isn’t the answer. Many of your neighbours I suspect welcome this new fencing as not only does it brighten up the appearance but protects the grass and bulbs. It doesn’t matter we’re you live in Harlow as we all have the same issues and challenges. Let’s be honest we won’t need to replace the fence if people didn’t feel they could misuse the pathways. You could claim they have caused the cost that we all have to pay by local taxation. Not sure how long you have lived in the town or how long you have paid local taxes but history will tell you the significant majority of years we have always paid local taxes anyway. Our taxes support pets corner, town park ,paddling/splash pools and museum which are all free to use. What would UKIP close. What green area would UKIP concrete over. People vote Labour as they have faith we can and have delivered services that they want. We’re committed to a green and sustainable environment. The leader announced only 2 weeks ago a rolling costed programme to try and reduce some of the parking challenges in several areas in the town. So I agree parking is the challenge but not at the expense of pedestrians or many of the green spaces we love about Harlow. Enjoy the rest of you day. Regards to mum as well.

2019-04-01 16:27:32

Sorry Tony, the answer is a load of waffle. We councillors have been 'negotiating' with officers for the past 18 months, providing a series of issues which require improvement - I even took your leader for a walkabout last year to illustrate the problems. I presented a programme of work which includes identifying land ownership last year and still await a response. The balances are NOT displayed in the annual accounts, the report only includes balances which have moved during the year and get wrapped up in a catch all 'Perpetuity Reserves' on page 82 of last year's annual accounts. Most perpetuity reserves only last about 15 years, so why Mike referred to 50 years is a mystery. And virtually no money has been spent in the last decade, so there is a lot of catching up to do. You may recall this is the fund your party raided, illegally, in 2008 to balance the books and which we repaid when we were in power. An observer could conclude the council was discriminating against Church Langley - the money cannot be used anywhere else so what is the problem about releasing it?

2019-04-01 18:06:27

Good evening Simon. Sorry you felt the answer was waffle by the cabinet member but it was a good effort to highlight and review were the money is and what it can be spent on. Credit to the lady in asking this question. If I was the Labour councillor for this area I would take this as an opportunity,take on his business plan offer and get this issue resolved. Grateful for reviewing my comment at least

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