Outcry as Harlow Traffic Light Club set to lose funding

News / Mon 1st Apr 2019 am30 06:18am

Update: 1200 hrs: April Fool

Thank you to James and Harry from MHP Theatre for being such good sports!


THE AWARD-winning Harlow Traffic Light Club is set to lose its funding if council cost cutting plans go ahead.

Since being founded in 1972 by Agnes T Shabile, the 500-strong organisation has become one of the most popular groups in Harlow.

However, last week, they were informed that their annual grant was set to be cut by the council.

YH went down to the Hamburger roundabout on Southern Way to speak to two of their members about the shock proposals.

We did invite members of the breakaway Church Langley Traffic Light Club to comment but they said it was too far to travel.

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3 Comments for Outcry as Harlow Traffic Light Club set to lose funding:

tony edwards
2019-04-01 08:19:41

Let us be very clear Traffic Lights are a County Council responsibility and If I find that Harlow District Council has been subsidising this group I will be demanding, (in the way that only a dedicated and vocal, some might say stroppy, District Councillor can) repayment of any monies paid. Should it not be paid I trust that Your Harlow will by the end of today launch a crowd funding scheme that the residents of Church Langley and in particular their County and District Councillors can pay into.

2019-04-01 08:36:06

Good news everyone, the Westminster branch of the Traffic Light Club have offered to help secure the future of the Harlow Club. It is holding a series of indicative votes this evening to try and get a consensus of opinion on the way that it can help the Harlow Club. A spokesman said "we are not sure if we are in or out at present, but whatever the outcome, we hope to be able to find a way to help by the end of this week".

2019-04-01 17:57:46

Well done Michael another excellent reporting service, better than last years.

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