From Harlow to Broadway: Local actress makes appeal to help turn play into film

LAST year, Harlow actress, Linda Clark was part of the team that brought the play “Once a Year on Blackpool Sands” to the Harlow Playhouse. Since then, it has gone to Broadway and back.

Now there are plans to bring it to the silver screen but like any independent production, it needs help, i.e: money.

YH went to the Harlow Playhouse to find put more and how people can help fund the project.

It is the true story of two young, gay Yorkshire miners in 1953. The only time these two young men, Eddy Corkhill and Tommy Price, can really be together is during the annual Wakes Week holiday to Blackpool. On their own, they find a guest house where they can have their “Once a Year on Blackpool Sands”.

The guest house they find this year, is run by a family of three funny, eccentric, but welcoming women, Gladys, Maureen and Red Ethel. Another guest is James Elbridge, a married transvestite, who’s female alter ego is mild mannered Phyllis who has yet to pluck up the courage to do the fabled transvestite walk from Blackpool’s North to South Pier. Over the course of the next two days revelations, and decisions, are made which culminate in Eddy, Tommy, Gladys, Maureen and Red

Ethel supporting Phyllis as she steps outside to be a part of, what writer Karlton Parris believes is, the first Pride Walk.

The film has the mantra “I Walk with Phyllis”. Which means to support anyone who is having difficulty coming out and being who they need to be.

Also there is a link. An Indegogo “Walk with Phyllis” crowdfunding link. If you Walk with Phyllis, and if you are moved by this true story could you please donate what you can, even £1 would be great, it all helps, so that we can get this funny, emotional, heartwarming, thought provoking film with the wonderful message out there.

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