Ward by Ward: Church Langley: From Brexit to Chexit

YOU don’t have to be political analyst of the year to predict that this might be a Conservative hold but at the same time, there may be a number of issues to look out for here.

Again, you wonder how many people will stay at home or not vote for the mainstream parties. At the moment, people tend to the that people are angriest with Theresa May and the Conservatives. We wonder though how many people are just disillusioned with mainstream politics full stop?

One of the great things about the Church Langley Facebook pages is that you get a sense of how socially/community minded people are. Whether it is the road layout, the Premier Inn, the schools, the community groups, crime, investment to name just a few matters, a lot of people have a lot to say.

This reporter could be wrong but he doesn’t see it as full of obvious Conservative voters. Having said that they got a 752 majority in 2018. 532 in 2016. In 2015, a General Election year, where turnout is always much higher, cllr Andrew Johnson won by 1715 votes.

Councillor Andrew Johnson has spent close to half his life as a councillor. He has been leader of Harlow Council and remains leader of the Conservative group. No one can doubt his passion and commitment to the role of a councillor and you genuinely believe him when, at the end of this interview says he “just likes to help people”.

Andrew Johnson seems to embrace the growing community groups in Church Langley and the challenges that the area brings.

Although, we didn’t bring it up, you wonder whether there are merits to a parish council in Church Langley?

Criminal lawyer, Colin Monehen has brings a lot of fire and enthusiasm to the table. He is on elf many Labour activists who have returned to the party after Blair and since Corbyn. If you want a conviction councillor then Colin is your man. You may see from our interview he may have reasonable expectations but he also has a lot of fresh ideas especially when it comes to traffic.

We certainly hope Colin continues to be a presence on the political scene in Harlow.

Ukip have a candidate and paper or otherwise, may see their vote increase from just over 100 in 2018.

Church Langley

Andrew Johnson Conservative
Patsy Long UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Christopher Millington Liberal Democrats
Colin Monehen Labour

2018 Result
Tony Hall (Cons) 1203
Pat Long (Ukip). 103
Jake Shepherd (Lab) 451

Turnout: 27%

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Popularity: 1% [?]

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