Harlow Labour announces town wide programme of parking improvements and invites residents to propose locations

News / Sat 27th Apr 2019 pm30 12:54pm

Labour announces town wide programme of parking improvements and invites residents to propose locations

HARLOW Council’s Labour Leader Mark Ingall today announced a rolling programme of improvements to parking provision on Harlow’s many congested estates.

Speaking in the lead up to this Thursday’s local elections Councillor Ingall said: “Parking is without question the biggest local issue people are raising with us on the doorsteps. It is a major frustration in many people’s busy, daily lives and we are committed to taking steps to address it.

“We have earmarked funds from our environmental improvement fund to deliver small scale parking solutions to some of our worst affected estates.

“When Harlow was designed, most households did not possess a car and that was reflected in parking provision which was in fact generous at that time.

“Today, with inadequate public transport provision thanks to the Tory government’s commitment to privatization and a housing crisis which is seeing young people living in the family home well into their 20s, many homes have two, three, even four cars and this is causing havoc on many of our estates.”

The rolling programme will include some ‘quick wins’ such as re-marking areas to optimize the number of parking spaces available and more substantial ground works to create new schemes in areas which are currently paved.

Cllr Ingall said: “It is not intended that we lose green spaces or that we create ‘concrete’ jungles’. Rather, we are adapting spaces which very obviously lend themselves to this use.

“With this in mind, I would invite residents to call Contact Harlow with their suggestions for such schemes and they will be given due consideration.

“We won’t be able to completely solve the parking problem in Harlow – that will require national decisions and investment in public transport – but we will certainly ease problems on some of our estates over the coming years.

The first scheme to be completed under this new programme is in Pottersfield in Harlow Common.

Ward councillor and Portfolio Holder for Housing, Mark Wilkinson said today: “The new scheme in Pottersfield has created new spaces which were sorely needed. Residents have told me that this has eased congestion without detracting from the local environment.

“I am very pleased that our Labour administration is making parking across the town a priority over the coming years and carving out funds where it can to fund such schemes.”

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10 Comments for Harlow Labour announces town wide programme of parking improvements and invites residents to propose locations:

2019-04-27 19:40:04

This Administrating party make me sick, they've put parking restrictions in around most of Harlow, so where are these parking places going to materialise from? When we come home from work from a late shift we have to park quite a distance from where we live. So quit with all this hypocrisy and stop offering empty promises to the people of this town. Some of the decent people of this town don't fall for your bull anymore, some have woken up and smelt the coffee. I will urge people of this town don't fall for Labour or should I say Momentums lies or utter disregard of you all. Love Harlow vote UKIP. Anita Long Bush Fair's UKIP candidate for May' s election.

2019-04-28 08:04:24

Morning Anita. The number one concern when out canvassing is parking. Not just the lack of parking but bad parking. Pottersfield is a great example of how the council and the local people got together to find a solution. The leader of the Labour council has made a commitment with money to try and find alternative local solutions. There is a simple truth that we don’t have and will never have enough parking spaces. People want green spaces protected at the same time as easily accessible parking. Labour is attempting to serve the many not the few. This is an on going rolling programme and evidence at Pottersfield shows it can work. Whilst not in your area I do suggest you take a look and admire the work that the local councillor Mark Wilkinson and others have achieved. Making a difference. Regards to Dan. Tony.

2019-04-28 09:23:39

Looks like a sweetener at election time to me. Does not mention how much money and how many they could acheive? We all are aware of the congedtion problems and some good work has been done like Tendering Road but a lot more needs to be done without wasting valuable resources such as that on Market Square. Alan Leverett Harlow Alliance Party

2019-04-28 10:22:47

Alan I can confirm this is no gimmick as this project took nearly a year to complete. It is part of a rolling programme . The council leader announced a few weeks ago as part of the budget that we’re looking for local realistic solutions to parking challenges. Please remember this is not just about new parking but how we can reduce bad parking. So if you have any sensible ideas or suggestion then send them via contact Harlow. Equally I was in the market square only the other day and noticed families enjoying the area. The square is about pleasure,relaxation and quality time. It’s a shame HAP Is only about being negative and moaning with no solutions. People want politics to work and to get on with making a difference for the benefits of the many not just the few.

2019-04-28 12:47:02

This initiative is very welcome, but Harlow Council had such a programme back in the 1990's when it identified many sites around the town and indeed did a lot of work to improve parking. However there were many instances when a scheme went out to public consultation that those living closest to the proposed scheme were not happy to have cars parked close to their homes and so the scheme was abandoned. It may be the case that the Council will find a similar situation now. As for Market Square, £276k was spent, HAP do not think this was a wise spend in view of the fact that the Council's own Town Centre Plan was still in it's infancy. Although off the original subject, as for your last paragraph Durcant, we have positive policies on a diverse range of subjects such as: 1) The Council should build bungalows so that residents can have the choice to downsize releasing larger homes for young families 2) The Council roof over part of Broadwalk 3) The Council should share facilities at Libraries by decentralising some Council services back into the neighbourhoods, saving them from closure 4) Harlow needs a joined up approach to leisure and tourism services in the town 5) The Council should start a programme of repairing and painting the outside of it's houses. 6) The Council should start a tree maintenance and removal programme. 7) The Council must take 8 sites off its Local Plan and thus remove the "blight" put on neighbouring homes. Nicholas Taylor, Harlow Alliance Party

2019-04-28 13:41:08

Nicholas as a former officer yourself of HDC you have seen many achievements by the staff and other associated partners in developing new opportunities for the town. Whilst nothing is perfect and the job is never completed it’s always disappointing that HAP appear to be so negative. The council is committed to build new council homes and this included bungalows being built in the Reading this year. There is no evidence to support a tunnel shopping area in Broadwalk. Pleasure, leisure and tourism is already a key priority, take a walk around the sculpture trial or the town park. We have agreed building and environmental upgrades and repairs. The local plan is moving forward. This shows sadly how out of touch HAP is about the real world of working,playing and living in Harlow. Parking is the significant issue from all canvassing and the original article shows that under Labour we’re addressing this issue. It great to see committed Labour councillors like Mark Wilkinson making a local difference.

2019-04-28 14:35:46

Durcant, I would suggest that it is you who are out of touch with what is going on. When did the Labour Party last hold public meetings to find out what people think about what is going on. My first paragraph about parking was a simple observation of fact from the 1990's, that of the Market Square happens to be one that you disagree with. I can tell you that the most common thing we have found said on the doorstep is either "I will never vote Conservative again" or "I will never vote Labour again" or "I will never vote at all again". No-one has mentioned parking. So when was the last time Council HOUSES got a coat of paint? The Local Plan is moving, but not in the right direction as far as the many people who have turned up at our meetings are concerned. As for Broadwalk..... have you ever carried out a survey of shoppers and put this specific question to them? As for leisure, have you ever been to hotels around the country and seen a rack of what to do in the area, in the hotel reception .... I am not aware that anything like this has ever been produced to showcase Harlow's wonderful facilities. There are numerous other ways which HAP wish to see used to promote the town. So in conclusion, we will have to agree to disagree. You will of course have to poor scorn on our policies and criticism of the Labour Group but we will continue to scrutinise what is going on. Role on June for example when the public consultation about the Sustainable Transport Corridors takes place, how will you consult with residents about that I wonder? Nicholas Taylor, Harlow Alliance Party

2019-04-28 16:39:19

Nicholas it appears I touched an nerve. Let’s ask the question in a different way. What do you like about Harlow.

2019-04-28 17:40:27

Well Durcant, you are clearly trying to stray away from the original subject and I cannot see how you could possibly feel you have touched a nerve with me, indeed I think most readers will feel that I have touched a nerve with you. But in answer to your question, I am a regular user of many of Harlow's great sports, cultural and leisure facilities and the Council should blow the town's trumpet about these more often and more widely. The recent event hosted by Maggie Hulcoop demonstrated that there is a huge amount of talent in the town, it is a pity that this was not held on a number of evenings to showcase the town to a larger audience.The green open spaces are often taken for granted by many residents who have lived here for a long time but visitors continue to admire how 86.000 people live in a town so small yet it seems so spacious. The original design of the town was, most people would agree, somewhat flawed in the fact that homes were not close enough to the town centre, it must be hoped that the developers looking to transform the town centre with new homes will build ones which are big enough and of a high enough standard for families to call a long term home. I suspect your views of Harlow are in fact similar to mine. Nicholas Taylor

2019-04-29 07:24:46

Morning Nicholas. Nice to read some positive comments about Harlow from you. Have a good week and may see you at the count on Thursday. Enjoy.

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