PAH staff raise awareness for Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

Health / Sat 27th Apr 2019 pm30 01:47pm

STAFF from Princess Alexandra Hospital held an information day as part of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month.

In the morning they manned a stall at the Harvey Centre. In the afternoon, the staff walked from the town centre to Harlow Rugby Club on Howard Way.

Bowel cancer affects around 1 in 14 men and 1 in 19 women in the UK. If diagnosed at an early stage, it can be treated very successfully in over 90% of cases. In spite of this, bowel cancer remains the UK’s second biggest cancer killer, claiming a life every half an hour.

Narasimhaiah Srinivasaiah, consultant colo-rectal surgeon, the organiser of the walk, said: “We are committed to fighting cancer and awareness is the first step”.

Deepa Cruz, colorectal cancer nurse specialist, said: “Early diagnosis does save lives, but only around 15 per cent of people are diagnosed at the earliest stage. Being aware of the key symptoms and visiting your GP if things don’t feel right can help increase chances of an early diagnosis. That’s why this April Princess Alexandra and Bowel Cancer UK are raising awareness of bowel cancer symptoms and by joining the walk you can help spread the word too.”

YH walked with them and spoke to Deepa Cruz about the campaign.

As part of the walk, our editor made a personal appeal as his brother died from cancer last year.

Whilst we were at the Harvey Centre, a local resident, Elizabeth Thompson dated £270.00 to Bowel Cancer Awareness.

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2019-04-27 16:14:54

Well done to the whole team about this awareness campaign. We need ever bloke to talk more about poo,pee and balls. It’s ok to ask the stupid questions. It’s ok to be embarrassed. It not ok to feel you can’t ask for advise and support. Your only one contact away. Thank you Michael for raising this and other health issues that effect men’s health and well-being. This campaign is for a month your health and happiness is forever. Than you.

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