Harlow runners conquer the London Marathon

Athletics / Sun 28th Apr 2019 at 09:22am

WELL done to all those who conquered the London Marathon 2019 and no doubt raised thousands for charity. You should all be very proud of yourselves.

Here is the list of Harlow runners we were following. All photos of the runners would be most appreciated.


Jared Bethell: 2.57
Rich Hynes: 2.57

Sharon Wright: 3.10
Ben Usher: 3.27

Andrew Kitson: 3.30

Kevin Smith: 3.30
Carinne Jay: 3.35
Josh Skelton: 3.40

Colin Moody: 3.48
Daryl Baver-Pollard: 3.56

Victoria Martinez: 4.14

Graham Saville: 4.19
Ayshea Pite: 4.27
Emma Wading: 4.37

Lisa Gibson: 4.53
Denise Ann Gerrard: 4.57

Janine Dattani: 5.08
Nicola Stripp: 5.10

Paul Watts: 5.18
Dave Goosetree: 5.18
Amber Dickinson: 5.20
Tracie Cook: 5.23
Emily Clibbens: 5.26
Jon Wickings: 5.33
Emma Stead: 5.33
Teresa Holden: 5.47
Lorraine Portnow: 5.48

Carly Lewis:6.02.

Emma Elven: 6.06

Samantha Edwards: 6.07

Georgina Heath: 6.07

Kirsty Spooner: 6.19
Michaela Midwinter: 6.31

Tara Young: 6.53

1600 hrs


Victoria Martinez: 4.14
Lisa Gibson: 4.53
Denise Ann Gerrard: 4.57
Janine Dattani: 5.08
Ayshea Pite: 4.27
Emma Wading: 4.37

Nicola Stripp: 5.10

Tracie Cook: 5.23
Emily Clibbens: 5.26
Lorraine Portnow: 5.48
Carly Lewis:6.02.56
Samantha Edwards: 35K: 6.07
Georgina Heath: 35K: 6.07
Kirsty Spooner: 6.19
Emma Elven: 6.06


Kayla Midwinter: 35K: 5.22

1430 hrs


Jared Bethell: 2.57
Coin Moody: 3.48
Ben Usher: 3.27
Andrew Kitson: 3.30

Nicola Stripp: 25K. 3.06
Samantha Edwards: 25K: 3.27
Georgina Heath: 25K: 3,27
Emma Elven: Half: 2.58
Tracie Cook: 25K: 3.04
Carly Lewis: 25K: 3.22
Lisa Gibson: 35K: 3.59
Victoria Martinez: 35k: 3.28
Emily Clibbens: 30K: 3.42
Denise Ann Gerrard: 35K:4.01
Kirsty Spooner: 25K: 3.42
Janine Dattani: 30K: 3.29
Ayshea Pite: 35K: 3.39
Kayla Midwinter: Half: 3.11
Lorraine Portnow: 25K: 3.09

1345 hrs

Colin Moody: 30K: 2.43
Andrew Kitson: 35K: 2.53
Nicola Stripp: Half: 2.36
Samantha Edwards: 15K: 1.51
Georgina Heath: 20K: 2.42
Emma Elven: 15k: 2.02
Tracie Cook: Half: 2.34
Carly Lewis: 20K: 2.40
Ben Usher: 40K: 3.17
Lisa Gibson: 25K: 2.34
Victoria Martinez: 30K: 2.57
Emily Clibbens: Half: 2.29
Denise Ann Gerrard:
Kirsty Spooner: 15K: 2.12
Janine Dattani: 25k: 2.47
Ayshea Pite: 25k: 2.33
Kayla Midwinter: 15k: 2.13
Lorraine Portnow: Half: 2.33

1330 hrs

Congratulations to Harlow AC’s Sharon Wright who has just finished in 3.10.53

1230 hrs

Sharon Wright: 30K in 2hrs 12 mins
Colin Moody: Half Marathon: 1 hr 54.
Andrew Kitson: 25k: 2 hrs 2 mins
Nicola Stripp: 10k: 1 hr 13 mins
Samantha Edwards: 10K: 1 hr 12 mins
Georgina Heath: 10K: As above
Emma Elven: 10K 1.22
Tracie Cook: 10K 1.10
Carly Lewis: 10K: 1.18
Ben Usher: 25K: 2.03
Lisa Gibson: Half: 2.05
Victoria Martinez: Half: 2.02
Emily Clibbens: 15k: 1.42
Denise Ann Gerrard: Half: 2.09
Kirsty Spooner: 10K: 1.29
Janine Dattani: Half: 2.18
Ayshea Pite: 15k: 1.30
Kayla Midwinter: 10K: 1 hr 26 mins
Lorraine Portnow: 15K: 1.42
Emma Wading Benson
Joe Longman
Daryl Pollard

1145 hrs

Harlow AC’s Sharon Wright goes through the halfway stage in 1 hrs 33.06 secs. She has a PB of 3hrs and 9 mins. Sharon could do it you know.

1130 hrs

HRC’s Colin Moody (Mens V65-69)

Nicola Stripp….Good start for Nicola.

Georgie Heath and Samatha Edwards running together.

1120 hrs

Harlow Running Club’s Andrew Kitson

1115 hrs

Harlow AC’s Sharon Wright is run very consistently.

1100 hrs

Harlow AC’s Sharon Wright goes through the first 10k in 44.08.


Harlow AC’s Sharon Wright goes through the first 5k in 22.11. Sharon ran 3hrs 09 at the Manchester Marathon a few weeks ago.

1000 hrs

Here are the Harlow runners we are following.

Some runners won’t actually be getting through the start line until 11am.

Sharon Wright

Georgie Heath

Samantha Edwards

Joe Longman

Emma Elven

Colin Moody

Tracie Cook

Ben Usher

Andrew Kitson

Lisa Gibson

Victoria Martinez

Emily Clibbens

Carly Lewis

Denise Ann Gerrard

Kirsty Spooner

Nicola Stripp

Daryl Pollard

Janine Dattani

Ayshea Pite

Kayla Midwinter

Lorraine Portnow

Emma Wading Benson

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2 Comments for Harlow runners conquer the London Marathon:

2019-04-29 05:50:14

Well done to all the runners. Fantastic effort Georgie. Also, my husband, Kevin Smith (from Harlow) ran. His time was 3 hours 30 minutes and 1 second!! His bib number was 9293. Well done Kevin!

2019-04-29 16:07:35

well done to all the runners to run 26 + miles is a fantastic achievement ,I actually got involved in the event 3 years ago to raise money for type 2 diabetes after my daughter passed away aged 27...well done to you all...

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