Are yew joking?: Will five trees in Harlow’s Market Square really cost £50,000?

News / Wed 8th May 2019 am31 08:06am

HARLOW Council has defended its plans to plant five trees in the Market Square at a cost of £50,000.

The subject was raised at the most recent meeting of the ruling Labour group’s cabinet meeting.

Eagle-eyed Conservative councillor for Church Langley, Simon Carter pointed to a section in the agenda called ‘Planting in the Market Square”.

It detailed that the widely criticised red planters would be removed to be replaced by “A minimum of five trees are planted in the ground at Market Square, Harlow Town Centre and funding of up to £50,000 be allocated from the Town Centre Regeneration Reserve”.

Cllr Carter quizzed the portfolio holder for regeneration, Cllr John Strachan about the plans.

You can see his response at the 31 minute point of the film.

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8 Comments for Are yew joking?: Will five trees in Harlow’s Market Square really cost £50,000?:

2019-05-08 08:56:52

Having spent some £276 k of the "refurbishment" of Market Square, including a complete resurfacing of the paved area, planting a whole host of trees will surely just replicate the mistakes made in the past across the town when trees were planted close to footpaths and years later the root systems simply broke up the paving around and near the trees. Much of the damage to footpaths along Southern Way is a good example of this, requiring thousands of pounds to replace the dangerous paths. Yet another error of judgement within the Council Chamber.

2019-05-08 14:00:30

So that's a yes then?

2019-05-08 15:33:37

If you really want to see a waste of money try sitting down at the concrete table and chairs, not designed for Harlow Residents

2019-05-08 18:45:49

tenpin is correct. The roots of any trees would likely damage the surface over time. Surely there must be a species of hardy tree that could be planted in those red pots? As bad as they are, don't waste money on getting rid of them, try to make the best of them. 50K for a few trees is eye watering.

2019-05-10 11:07:52

Labour are the experts on spending other people's money. Eye watering, check out PFI. Labour breeds POVERTY.

2019-05-10 18:23:05

Thanks Micky, yes I checked out PFI the last time you mentioned it. Thanks for the reminder. PFI was implemented for the first time in the UK by the Conservative government of John Major. It immediately proved controversial, and was attacked by the Labour Party while in opposition. Then, as is often the case, PFI expanded considerably in 1996 and then expanded much further under New Labour. In an interview in November 2009, Conservative George Osborne, subsequently Chancellor of the Exchequer in the coalition, sought to distance his party from the excesses of PFI by blaming New Labour for its misuse. Despite being so critical of PFI while in opposition and promising reform, once in power George Osborne progressed 61 PFI schemes worth a total of £6.9bn in his first year as Chancellor. In 2012 'PF2' was announced by the Conservative government. In October 2018, the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, announced that the UK Government will no longer use PF2, the current model of Private Finance Initiative. (paraphrased from wikipedia). PFI has been (mis?)used by both Conservative and Labour governments in the past. Maybe the Labour council could use one of the "Chris Grayling Ferry Contracts" as a unit of measure. The 50K on a few trees could be represented as 50K/50M = 0.10% of a Chris Grayling Ferry Contract (With real ferrys) or 50K/14M = 0.36% of a Chris Grayling Ferry Contact (Without real ferrys) Then there is the "Chris Grayling Settlement With Eurostar" unit of measure - 0.15%, if you are interested. I saw one estimate that Chris Grayling screwups have cost the tax payer about 4Billion. "Labour are the experts on spending other people’s money." - No, to really waste the tax payers money, you need a Chris Grayling. Labour does not have a monopoly on wasting other peoples money. The Conservatives are more than capable of this as well.

2019-05-14 15:44:43

Katy, you really do,"over-egg the pudding".

2019-05-14 15:47:34

Whose pockets might I ask, Rasp ? Do you know something that we don't know ?

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