Review: Razed Roof do it again and in style!

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Razed Roof do it again and in style!

A review of Desmond the one eyed Hedgehog (Written by Suzy Graham-Adriani and directed by Annette Lidster)

ONCE again audiences at the Harlow Playhouse were treated to a brilliant performance from Razed Roof and their friends from the Robert Barclay Academy. Razed Roof has become something of a jewel in Harlow’s crown, truly inclusive theatre which warms your heart with every performance. Performances that not only entertain but also make you think and occasionally make you cry.

Desmond the one eyed hedgehog tells the story of one of our prickly friends who is attacked by birds and left alone to fend for himself in an uncaring and sometimes scary world. The play did of course have the feelgood factor, not only because of the joy on the faces of those performing but also because of the story itself. However, it was also visually stunning with all the costumes handmade by the hard working Razed Roof volunteers and staff. An amusing aside is that the hedgehog costumes worn by the players were made of thousands of crisp packets, including a few collected by this reviewer’s Maths class!

There are too many stars in the Razed Roof team to pick out everyone but special mention should go to Aaron and Clifford who played the lead character, Kathy Budd who played Deadrie the female hedgehog and Emma Warner who’s performance as a hedgehog eating fox was wonderful.

The Razed Roof cast give so much passion and love to their performances that you cannot help but leave one feeling positive and with an increased awareness that everyone in our society should be valued and cherished. This performance was no exception!

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