Review: Lucy Porter: Send in the clowns

Lucy Porter at the Harlow Playhouse
Thursday May 9th

LUCY Porter performed her Pass It On show at Theatre 2 on Thursday night.

Early on, she made reference to a stinging comment in a review at the Edinburgh Festival which described her as “Middle-class, middle-aged and middle-of-the road”.

A little harsh. This journalist reviews at the Edinburgh Festival and thinks her shows would be great to see as part of a three week run and the reason for that is made clear if you go and see her.

Lucy soon picks up on the characters in the audience (Malcolm, Paul from North Weald, Dom etc) and blends them in to the whole show. The theme is really one of legacy. What we have and what we leave.

The only props appear in the middle of the show and are quite a remarkable collection of object d’art (or tut as one helpful member of the audience suggested). The image of that scary clown bottle haunts us still. They were “rescued” when clearing out her late parent’s house.

The recent loss of her parents has left its mark and so has the onset of the menopause. This reviewer may not be selling it as a gag fest but it was warm, inciteful, and genuinely funny. The thing is audiences like Lucy Porter, because her comedy is real and close to where we all are at in life.

As a consummate professional, Lucy manages to weave in tonight’s audience, with her set performance and ends up drawing out laughs and affection.

Some of us learned more about magnets than we wanted to but we also left appreciating a top draw comedian who many a younger comic could well do watching and seeing how it is done.

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