Heart4Harlow hope and pray for European Elections

HEART 4 Harlow has established five core link groups that meet regularly to discuss the issues, concerns and challenges facing our town and to pray for all of those involved.

These link groups are:
• Arts, Culture and Education
• Business
• Church and Chaplaincy
• Civic
• Health & Wellbeing

This week the Civic link group, that considers political and civic responsibilities in Harlow, met and agreed to share the following in respect of the forthcoming European Elections:

“We pray that campaigning will be tolerant and gracious, that people vote with their hearts in the best interests of their community, our country and our continent, and that the outcome be accepted with humility and respect for democracy. Furthermore we pray that we will see our politicians unite, in common endeavour, for the good of the world our God created.”

Heart 4 Harlow Civic Link group:
Robert Findlay, George Irving, Ian Beckett, Tom Newens, Rob Hance, Maggie Hulcoop

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