Harlow MP Robert Halfon rejects Theresa May’s latest Brexit Withdrawal Agreement

News / Wed 22nd May 2019 am31 09:11am

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has poured cold water on PM Theresa May’s proposals in a fourth attempt to get her Withdrawal Agreement through parliament.

Theresa May had said MPs have “one last chance” to deliver Brexit, urging them to back what she said was a “new deal”.

MPs will get a vote on whether to hold another referendum if they back the EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill, she said.

The bill also contains new guarantees on workers’ rights, environmental protections and the Northern Irish border as well a customs “compromise”.

Robert Halfon went onto social media to tell constituents how he felt.

Mr Halfon said: If Theresa May is now supporting a second referendum, it makes it very hard for me to support the latest Withdrawal Agreement when it comes to House of Commons.

“This is a betrayal of the 2016 referendum and a betrayal of everything she has been saying since she became Prime Minister.”

The key points of the PM’s revised plan are:

A guarantee of a Commons vote on another referendum before the Brexit agreement is ratified, with the government honouring the outcome

A vote on different customs options, including a government proposal for a temporary customs union for goods – what Mrs May called a “customs compromise”

A legal obligation for the UK to come up with an alternative to the Northern Ireland backstop by the end of 2020

If the backstop does come into force, the bill would guarantee Northern Ireland remains aligned with the rest of the UK and remains in separate customs territory

Legislation to ensure workers rights are “every bit as good if not better” after Brexit and guarantees of no dilution in environmental standards

A legal duty to seek changes to the political declaration on future relations with the EU

While she personally opposed another referendum on the terms of Brexit, the PM said she recognised the “genuine and sincere” feelings on the issue in Parliament.

She urged MPs to back the Withdrawal Agreement Bill at its first parliamentary hurdle in and then “make the case” for another public vote when the bill was examined in detail.

Under the plan, Parliament will get to decide on the shape of future customs arrangements with the EU after cross-party talks failed to find a solution.

She said a negotiated exit would be “dead in the water” if MPs rejected the plan, imploring them by saying “I have compromised, now I ask you to compromise too”.
Members of the cabinet, which earlier backed the plan, said they hoped the fresh concessions would galvanise Parliament.

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4 Comments for Harlow MP Robert Halfon rejects Theresa May’s latest Brexit Withdrawal Agreement:

2019-05-22 18:43:28

I think PM Theresa May should be congratulated. She has done the impossible. There are very few leaders who have done what she has done. After the second referendum in 2016 the country was no longer divided into "Labour", "Conservative", "others", but into "Leavers" and "Remoaners/Snowflakes/Libtards/other childish names". The country is no longer divided. Come, people, let us all join together, in unity, and let us all hate, deride, or otherwise reject this Leaver negotiated EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill together. The Tories reject it because it isn't Brexity enough. Or too Brexity. Or it has too much of a "second" (third) referendum attached. LibDems reject it because it doesn't have enough of a "second" (third) referendum attached. Labour rejects it because the custom union that may or may not be there doesn't match what Labour may or may not wish for if it is subjected to a confirmatory referendum which will only happen if the custom union isn't what they want without a general election while ensuring equal workers rights at all times with those that apply in the EU. The SNP reject it while laughing at the Scottish Tories for promising "no more referendums, ever". Change UK or whatever they are called this week can't figure out if we are leaving the EU or the UK, but reject it anyway. The Greens - I haven't seen what they have said today. I'm sure the have/will reject it as well. Is it any wonder that a shouty man in a milky suit, who discussed fronting far-right group led by conspiracy fruit cake Steve Bannon, who is inspired by an Italian extreme right wing party, who fronts a party with a single policy and no manifesto, it it any wonder his bunch of fruit cakes will be popular? Best headline of today from the current bun, Nigel Farage, the Brexit party leader, has been “trapped on [his] Brexit bus due to people armed with milkshakes”.

2019-05-23 21:27:43

True colours Halfon .., rats leaving the sinking ship .,, can’t stand the party but at least she has some honour ... looking forward to seeing you suck up to Boris sometime soon .. No Honour among ...self seeking Tory’s

2019-05-24 08:43:12

kthe5 you really talk a load of old rubbish, you seem ok for politicians to be threatened as long as you dont support them. whether you like it or not we voted to leave the EU and as soon as cry babies like you support the idea the sooner we can move on, and glad you mentioned the SNP were they not the party that got 2.5 million less votes than UKIP and 65 more seats? so much for democracy...

2019-05-24 21:31:39

Hi Ronnie! "you really talk a load of old rubbish" - Thank you! I aspire to second rate satire but "a load of old rubbish" is my usual standard. Ta very much. "you seem ok for politicians to be threatened as long as you dont support them" - Again thank you for pointing out something I missed/forgot. Let me be clear, it is absolutely wrong for racist, bigoted, facist politicians to have their cheap suits soild by milk based drinks. Even if said politicians are convicted fraudsters, or dispite "earning" approx 9000 EUR as a MEP when they can be bothered to show up. And getting 30K EUR per media appearance, claim they are skint. After a £450,000 donation from Arron Banks following the referendum I would feel skint as well. Even if some alligned politicians have made "jokes" about rape, or some "supporters" have threatened female or minority MPs, it would be wrong to throw dairy products at them. As an aside, lets take a short walk down Memory Lane. Ed Milliband, remember him? The one with the bannana. Yes? Ok. He once got egged. He took off his soiled jacket, handed it to an aide & carried on with his walk about. Jemery Corbyn also got egged a few months ago, outside Finsbury Park Mosque, if memory serves. He washed him self off & carried on. Theresa May was famously handed a fake P45 at a party conference. Not quite the same as dairy products, but a similar insult. She just carried on what she was doing. On the other hand, the dwarf racist hate monger Stephen Yaxley-Lennon resorted to violence when "milked". Right wing facist, with a political policy of just one word, "Milky" Faqrage, at first shouted & blamed his security detail, then ran away into one of those big black 4x4s (I assume, I was laughing too much to check the fine details). On another occasion, under the devistating threat of milk based drinks, he cowered in his own "battle bus", not having the gumption to venture out. I guess the value of the "Brexit" message was less than the suit he was wearing. Let me be absolutely clear - it is wong to threaten facist, racist, bigoted politicians with dairy products. Even though it is very funny. It would be very wrong to see "Milky" Farage or convicted fraudster Stephen Yaxley-Lennon humilated by being covered in a milk shake, muller light amore, softy ice cream or frozen yoghurt. Or even the smelly french soft cheese at a push. No matter how funny it would be to see these divisive, racist liers publicly humiliated, it is wrong. I understand that the person who "milked" Farage has offered the pay the laundry bill (£10) or a new suit (£5), but my information could be wrong. Or completely made up for comic effect. It didn't stop BoJo The Clown making stuff up about the EU & bananas when writing for the Spectator, so it should be OK for me to do similar. " as long as you dont support them" - I have no problem with ridiculing hate mongering, devisive, racist, facist politicians who are only interersted in their own prestige and power, and who are more than happy to spread lies. "whether you like it or not we voted to leave the EU" - I would like to thank all Leave aligned politicians and activists in keeping us in the EU for longer than expected. If it wasn't for the DUP and the Econmic Ruin Group we would have left by now. "and as soon as cry babies like you support the idea the sooner we can move on" - It is not cry babies/remoaner/snowflakes like me that have prevented the process of leaving the EU. It is Leavers like the DUP and ERG (bless them) that have prevented us leaving the EU. Thank you again to the DUP & ERG for keeping us in Europe for longer than expected. Best wishes Ronnie.

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