Harlow Labour’s parliamentary candidate responds to European Election results

News / Thu 30th May 2019 at 07:34am

HARLOW Labour’s parliamentary candidate, Laura McAlpine has responded to Labour’s showing in the European Elections.

Ms McAlpine said: “Last Thursday’s results were disappointing, but entirely predictable. Labour cannot disregard working-class families in towns like ours, where the majority of people voted to leave the European Union in 2016, and who last Thursday, in droves voted for the Brexit Party.

The Brexit Party won every region in England and Wales except London. We cannot ignore that. Those voters were once Labour’s voting base, we can’t abandon them – we won’t get the Labour government this country needs without them.

These European elections have polarised peoples’ views and that’s why, now, more than ever Labour must strive to unite both leave and remain. In Government, both sides need to come together and fight the prospect of a no-deal. What I want is a general election. Only a Labour Government can unite the nation on our shared interests of a better society for all. Our policies are hugely popular on the doorstep. Rebuilding communities based on sound civic and municipal values. Building high-quality social rented council housing. We’ll create regional banks which will invest in local businesses and communities.

We’ll take energy companies back in to public ownership and reverse the privatisation of our NHS and probation services.

“This government has collaborated with big business to offshore millions of decent jobs – we want to invest in manufacturing here. Our green industrial revolution will create hundreds of thousands of decent, well paid jobs in the renewable energy sector.

“Labour need to win constituencies that voted leave and remain and our challenge is to unite them and convince them that we are the same engine for social change that we once were. Change which is much needed, and a challenge which we must meet.

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9 Comments for Harlow Labour’s parliamentary candidate responds to European Election results:

2019-05-30 12:18:06

I cannot believe what I've just read. Nationalisation, get the Euro, Remain, and Leave to unite ? I believe that she is sooo anti about all these things, she should be changing over to the LibDems. Perhaps she hasn't been able to work out the future programme. Tories and the Brexit's sit down, and work out a nice little deal between them, once we're out, and a winning general election policy between them. Simple. I think that this lady needs a new script, she appears to be alongside Dianne Abbott in most things.

2019-05-31 06:33:23

Well said Laura we need candidates like you to stand up for the working class. I also can understand why people voted Brexit to leave Europe but I bet most of them didn’t see Nigel Farage video saying that he wanted to privatise the nhs.. Let’s hope we leave Europe with a Labour Party in power! Carry on your great work for the people of Harlow! 👏

Ol Man River
2019-05-31 08:11:00

Forgive me, I'm confused. I have read this several times and the comments but it's not clear to me. Is Laura McAlpine supporting Leave or Remain? If there was another referendum or a general election before the matter was resolved, what is the position, this person who wants to be our town's MP, would be advocating - Leave or Remain?

2019-05-31 08:20:30

Laura makes a good start to this piece and it's good that she has recognised the sentiment in Harlow at the moment. However, I take issue with her saying that views have been polarised and Labour needs to be in govt to combat this, then go into a full on left wing polarised view on things like nationalisation. WHy try and make a point about something and then do it yourself? On energy companies, there is a great lack of detail in this plan. Are they proposing taking over Power stations mainly owned by the French and Chinese? National Grid? Which if i'm right merely converts the energy from power stations to use down lines so work on low cost margins anyway. The network distributors which do infrastructure, which again operate on low profit margins set by OFGEM and are set targets on what to reinvest in the network? Or the supply companies, who although do make great profit margins are again regulated? Sorry where are we going to save £700 a year and most importantly get the funds to buy it all back in the first place? How will reinvestment go into it without bodies like OFGEM or do we end up where the 1970s were where nothing got spent on infrastructure? Secondly what is wrong with elements of privatisation int he NHS. If a company can offer the same level of service but more competitively and with more expertise then they should absolutely be able to tender for services. As great as the NHS is, we cannot worship it if it has failings and in some areas we have to admit it does. Its not a sacred cow. Sadly i'm left a little confused about these policies, how they will be executed and what they'll actually achieve that's beneficial.

2019-05-31 08:39:26

a labour party member who accepts that there are leave voters out there very refreshing. The trouble is with labour they say 1 thing and do another,their 2017 manifesto was clear ..they will respect the referendum result. lets see them do that and they would gain some respect .

2019-05-31 18:55:18

Ol Man River "Is Laura McAlpine supporting Leave or Remain?" I think Labour/Corbyn/Laura are trying to appeal to both. They see the country divided by the second referendum, and are trying to heal & re-unite the country. But at the moment the country doesn't want to be healed. In Northern Ireland it took decades of The Troubles before the healing process could begin. I suspect it will take many years to heal the country after the divisive second referendum. jhumphreys "taking over Power stations mainly owned by the French and Chinese" I think the French & Chinese were/are going to build some new nuclear stations, I don't know what they own of the current gas/hydro/wind/etc stations. DRAX is publicly listed so owned by many investors. My understanding is that Labour propose to nationalise National Grid (and maybe UK Power Networks). This will not be easy. It would requre separating UK NG with the stuff they own in North America, for a start. How will Labour pay for it? Government Bonds aka Government debt. Good for NG investors as Gov debt is liquid & easily sold. The problem is what is a fair price to pay? Corbyn has already said that certain deductions will be made. This will likely lead to foreign soverign funds who have invested in NG taking the government to court to determine what is fair value. Who will win from this? Will it be the government? Will it be the tax payer? Will it be the leccy consumer? Or will it be the lawyers on both sides making arguments for 10 years or more? It won't be the tax payer, for sure. Are leccy bills high? Yes, because (in part) we are moving from cheap coal to more expensive gas/wind/solar/nukes. In the long run this is probably a price worth paying given how nasty coal is. "Secondly what is wrong with elements of privatisation int he NHS." The NHS has an appalling record of implementing large scale IT systems. I'm not sure a private contractor would do any better but there would/should be better accountability for when things go wrong.

2019-06-01 05:49:49

Subtle difference between the murders, bombings and abductions in Northern Ireland, and leaving the EU kt. Perhaps you hadn't noticed. Over-egging the pudding or what ?

2019-06-01 08:52:53

I am afraid that Laura's response to last weeks election demonstrates most clearly why the Labour Party are in as much disarray as the Tory Party. If the results were entirely predicable then why did the Labour Party not change it's stance on our future with the EU? The reason is, the members of the Labour Party want a second referendum and remain in the EU, whilst prospective MP'S like Laura has said, Labour voters left in droves to vote for the Brexit Party. If Labour do now decided to get off the fence and decide that the view of members is the stance to be take by the Party, then the prospect of a Labour Government is just wishful thinking. What has been demonstrated in the last 3 years is that MP's are more concerned about the future of their Party rather than the Country. If the Brexit Party do well at the Peterborough by-election next week then MP's on both sides will need to reflect on what could happen if a General Election takes place later this year.

2019-06-01 22:45:15

Hi Micky "Perhaps you hadn’t noticed." I had noticed that a MP was murdered. I have noticed that MPs have had varous threats, so much so that some now wear body cams. I have noticed that some judges were branded "traitors" and their character smeared simply for doing their job. I have noticed some arrests were made after violence erupted at a pro-Brexit yellow vest protest. I have noticed that the creator of an anti-brexit petition said she had received three death threats over the phone, and a torrent of abuse via her Facebook account. I have also noticed that "remoaners" are constanly blamed for stopping brexit when this is simply not the case. My point about Northern Ireland was that it is a community with deep divisions that has made great progress in healing. Sorry if it went straight over your head. Hi tenpin "What has been demonstrated in the last 3 years is that MP’s are more concerned about the future of their Party rather than the Country. " I'd go further. There are MPs and wanna-be MPs that are more concerned with their own self-promotion than anything else. "General Election takes place later this year." One poll I've seen puts the Farage Fan Club at 306 MPs, just 20 seats short of a majority. This is a party with a manifesto of just one word. The Conservatives would be reduced to just 26 MPs. Labour loses seats to the other parties.

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