Over seventy Harlow volunteers thanked in special ceremony

News / Fri 7th Jun 2019 am30 07:34am

MORE than 70 local people who give up their time to volunteer for Harlow Council have been recognised and thanked as part of National Volunteers’ Week.

The council held a special reception for local volunteers at Harlow Playhouse yesterday (5 June 2019). National Volunteers’ Week takes place from 1 to 7 June 2019 and celebrates volunteering in the UK.

The volunteers recognised yesterday work alongside council staff within different services, from looking after the Town Park and Parndon Wood Nature Reserve to helping out at Pets’ Corner, Harlow Museum, the Leah Manning Centre and the Playhouse. This is the second year the celebration event has been held and this year it has been extended to thank even more people who work with the council. This includes council tenants and leaseholders who volunteer their time and participate in housing panels and inspect properties, which helps the council improve the services it provides.

The Chair of the Council, Councillor Clive Souter and Councillor Eugenie Harvey, Deputy Leader of the Council and Portfolio Holder for Community and Wellbeing, attended the event to personally thank all the volunteers. The volunteers each received a certificate in recognition of the hard work they all put in for the benefit of our town and the community. The Chair of the Council also cut a special thank you cake for the volunteers.

Councillor Eugenie Harvey, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Community and Wellbeing, said: “We are very fortunate that in Harlow we have residents of all ages who are community spirited and willing to give their time and energy to support the delivery of some of our vital services. Volunteers not only make a very important contribution towards to Harlow’s community, but each and every one has the opportunity to learn new skills and meet new people. Behind every volunteer is a unique personal story on the difference they make to Harlow and to others. We can never stop thanking them for the contribution they make. Volunteers do not replace paid employees but in working alongside them, they enable us to provide even greater benefit to the community and for that we say a heartfelt thank you.”

More information on volunteering with Harlow Council can be found at www.harlow.gov.uk/volunteers

The Harlow Playhouse Volunteers

The Parndon Wood Volunteers

Harlow’s Housing Volunteers

The Harlow Museum Volunteers

Harlow Pet’s Corner Volunteers

Harlow Town Park Volunteers

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